Low Bridge | Technically, the Concorde can fly under the London Bridge

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Five Cutting-Edge Buildings From Google's New Campus Architects

Google finally decided they've outgrown the Googleplex and tossed $30 million at the city of Mountain View for some space to build a new 10-acre campus. Who's gonna design it? Ingenhoven, one of Germany's biggest architectural firms. More »

The Latest "World's Largest 3DTV" Crown-Wearer Is Samsung, at 75 Inches

Samsung has a 3DTV that's almost as wide as the average bent-knee, platform shoe-wearing young Korean woman. That's big! 75-inches diagonally, in fact. The D9500 Smart TV will be propping up Korean walls first, and US walls from August for around $13,000. More »

Today's Best Gadgets

The coolest and best-designed gadgets of the day all in one place! More »

This Is What We (Ridiculously) Thought Osama Was Hiding in Ten Years Ago

We caught and shot Osama bin Laden in a rundown, decrepit compound, lacking any direct contact with the outside world. But in 2001, the Times of London (and the Pentagon) thought he was living in a comic villain's super fortress. More »

A Hybrid Car This Beautiful Will Cost You $1.1 Million

Our brothers at Jalopnik have some good news if you were eyeing up last year's C-X75 concept hybrid car from Jaguar: it's being put into production! Now some bad news: it will cost $1.1 million. More »

How Do You Boost Weak Water Pressure?

Low water pressure sucks. You hop in expecting a wonderful deluge, but you get a pathetic drizzle. It can be a day-breaker. But the good news is, you're not helpless. More »

Here's What That FBI Tracker Looks Like When You Tear It Apart

Last year, a Redditor found this ominous log concealed in his car. Turned out it was the FBI's favorite little stealth GPS tracking device. iFixit got its hands on the one-and busted it open. Behold the guts. More »

This Slingshot of Mass Destruction Can Fire Six 20mm Steel Balls at the Same Time

This giant slingshot can fire six 20mm steel balls at the same time, hitting its target with an energy of about 60 joules each. That's enough to destroy a few human heads in a row, but thankfully they tried it with watermelons. More »

Lost In the Cosmos? You Are Here

Next time you plan on finding a good coffee shop around the universe, bring with you this giganormous 3850 x 1925 pixel You Are Here map. Zoom in to see where are you in the immensity of space. Zoom in! More »

Some Gadgets Age Better Than Other Gadgets

The Japanese have a term for the pleasing decay of objects: "Wabi-sabi." How many gadgets and other products have you held onto, because you like how they've worn down? Converse; holey jeans; your Casio watch...even your silver Game Boy from long ago, that looks so beautifully battered after years of being tossed in a backpack? More »

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I Want an Invisible Chair Too

I spend half my day sitting on a chair. Probably more than half. It's comfy enough but man, I'd take an Invisible Chair over the most comfortable chair in the world. They don't exist yet, but these pictures from Jens Sage sure as hell make it seem like they do. And they look quite the comfy. More »