V750 Unmanned Helicopter Can Rival US Counterparts

Shiny and purple. It may look like a baddy chopper from an 80s TV movie made in a Foxconn factory, but it's China's latest flying machine, the V750. And it means the Chinese's aerospace industry is maturing dangerously quickly. More »

Wire Prison Keeps S'mores In For 20 Bucks

"Don't let your schmoooores end up on the floooor" says the promo video for the S'more to Love racks, which promises to "bring the schmoooores indoooors" for $20. You don't have to be as nauseating as the family in the video, but y'know, it does help: More »

Brass Knuckles Made from Fine China

As a kid, I remember always wondering why we never used those blue willow ware dishes we got from China. What's the point of having dishes you never use!? An Etsy user cooked up a better idea for them: brass knuckles. Or well, Blue Willow Ware China Knuckles. Though I guess if I bought these, I'd never use them either. Guess Blue Willow Ware is just never meant to be used. More »

Horses Need Gas Masks Too

Horse gas masks first came about around World War I to protect them from chemical agents. Amazing that we still used horses during warfare then! I do love how fitting them up with these crazy masks makes the little horsey look a lot more intimidating and apocalyptic. Gas masks have that effect. More »