It's day 2 of Google's developers love fest! Yesterday it was full of exciting announcements and it will be hard to beat. However, I'm sure they saved some punches for today. Here's our live coverage from Moscone, with analysis and hands-on articles:

Why We'll Wear Watches Again

For most people, the only reason to wear a watch anymore is to tell other people that you are the kind of person that still wears a watch. (Or a terrorist.) But the Meta Watch isn't just a watch. More »

Finding Android Apps Just Got Way Easier

For all the improvements the Android Market has made recently, it's still been a pain to find new and interesting apps—increasingly so, now that Google's app storefront has grown to 200,000 programs. Not anymore. More »

What the New Google TV with Honeycomb Looks Like

In a Google I/O session to teach devs how to build apps for Google TV, Google previewed what the new Google TV with Honeycomb would look like. Specifically, it seems like the home screen is going to be more Honeycomb-ish and less TV-ish. More »

What (and Why) Is Google's Chromebox?

Google just gave a sly mention of a desktop version of Chrome OS plugged into a Samsung computer, seen above. And then they didn't say anything else, other than the fact that it's coming...sometime later. It looks small. More »

Chrome OS Gets More Computer-y Features

Google's cloudtastic Chrome OS got a little shot in the butt today, with the addition of some features you'd expect from any non-Chromebook system. The updates aren't the most stunning, but they'll make Chrome feel more like a real computer. More »

Google Chrome OS Lands on Hardware You Can Actually Buy

We've already seen Google's Chrome OS. Now, it plays nice with USB storage and devices. And finally, there's hardware you can get your hands on. More »

Play Angry Birds Online, Right Now, for Free

Google isn't above killing a little productivity to prove the power of its web browser. The search engine king has released a special free browser-based version of Rovio's avian-flinging sensation Angry Birds on the Chrome Web Store, just to prove it can be done. More »

Live From Google IO: Keynote II, Chrome

Today Matt smells like sandalwood and honeysuckle, which is nice given how many secret farters are in the room. A big screen has lots of floating Chrome logos. The overhead music is sort of Buddha-bar-ish. More »

News and analysis from yesterday's event

The First Android Tablet Built for Humans

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is amazing in two ways. It's the first tablet that's as immaterial as the iPad 2, in form and weight and feel. (In fact, it is slightly more so, by a gram and a millimeter.) That's amazing, but there's more. More »

What's Up With Google TV

Google didn't spend a whole ton of time talking about Google TV today, but here's what's up in a nutshell, after it's updated to be Honeycomb-based later this summer. More »

Google Music: An Island in the Cloud

The promise of Google Music is that it lets you listen to music anywhere. Aces! Except, for all the unifying promises of its online locker, Google Music does kinda the same thing as your hard drive: It isolates your songs. More »

Google Versus the World

Just a few hours into I/O, Google's annual state-of-the-union conference, and already we know who the search titan has its sights trained on: Everybody. Everything. Everywhere. And this is just Day One. More »

What is Android's Ice Cream Sandwich?

The next Android phone version Ice Cream Sandwich has one clear motive: to put a stop to Android fragmentation. Not just for phones, it's Google's "most ambitious" update yet. More »

What's New in Android 3.1 Honeycomb?

Google is showing off the new iteration of Honeycomb—their Android version for tablets. It has a ton of new features: you can import photos directly from your camera to your tablet, for example! More »

Movies Finally Come to Android Market

No longer are Android devices left out in the cold when it comes to movie streaming. Movie downloads have found a home in the Android Market, with thousands of titles available to rent starting at $2 a pop. More »

Google Music: Upload and Stream All Your Tunes From the Cloud

Google Music, the streaming music answer to Amazon, MOG and Rdio, is here. You can access music in the cloud and stream it to devices. But unlike MOG and Rdio, you can only play what you upload. More »

Android@Home Will Turn Your House Into a Giant, Automated Smartbox

Ever dreamed of turning lights on and off with your Android smartphone? Want to push music around the house like iPhone fanboys can with AirPlay. Google is bringing that to you now. More »

Android's New Hacker Dream ADK Makes Anything an Accessory

Great news for tinkerers (and those who like their toys)-Google's announced what they're calling an "ADK," allowing hardware devs to team up with software wizards to create DIY "open accessories." Arduino-based, the tech will Android-ify anything you want. More »

Live From Google I/O 2011

We're inside. Row six. There's bad trance music playing. Matt smells like rosewater. It's charming. We are covering the first Google I/O 2011 keynote live from Moscone Center in San Francisco and they seem to be firing on all cylinders. More »