Portrait Challenge | The most beautiful and intimate shots from this week's Shooting Challenge.

Google Versus the World

Just a few hours into I/O, Google's annual state-of-the-union conference, and already we know who the search titan has its sights trained on: Everybody. Everything. Everywhere. And this is just Day One. More »

Today's Best Gadgets

The coolest and best-designed gadgets of the day all in one place! More »

All the Great Stuff from Google I/O 2011 Live

Google is having its developers love fest right now. For you, this means loads of new cool stuff for your Android phone or tablet and plenty of surprises. We are covering the event live from Moscone Center, with analysis and hands-on articles: More »

Fiskars X17 – A 21st Century Axe for A 21st Century Paul Bunyan

I earned my BSA Paul Bunyan certification when I was 16, hacking down and splitting a 24" pine. With my old-ass axe, it took me better part of two hours. Man, I wish I had the Fiskars X17 back then. More »

First Suicide from the Tallest Building in the World [WARNING: STRONG IMAGES]

Well, it had to happen sooner or later: Someone just jumped off the 147th floor of the Burj Khalifa-shown in the picture above-the tallest building in the world, and killed himself. WARNING: STRONG IMAGE AHEAD. More »

This Space Sphere Contains a Secret Message to Aliens

This is LAGEOS. Since 1976, this perfect disco sphere has been orbiting Earth carrying 426 cube corner reflectors made of fused silica glass-except four, made of germanium. It also contains a coded message, designed by Dr. Carl Sagan. More »

The Future of Salt and Sugar Is Being Engineered in a PepsiCo Lab

The preferred way to think about the intersection of science and food lately is like this or this, when the reality is more like what's going on deep inside of PepsiCo, the largest food company in America. More »

Photoshop Touch iPad Apps Now Ready for Download

The first three Adobe Photoshop iPad apps are now available at the app store. I've been using them for a while (full review to come later) and they are really really good. More »

How Giant Ships Get Into the Ocean: A Shove and a Prayer

It would be so much easier if giant seafaring vessels could be built on the water. But that's impractical, silly! Which is why, instead, we build those humongous ships on dry land, get them as close to the water as we can, give 'em a shove and hope for the best. More »

The World's Largest Water Pump Moves 15 Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools Every Minute

The Mississippi River has been pretty pissed off lately. And it's because of natural disasters like this that they're building the world's largest water pump in New Orleans. More »