A USB Pocket Controller for the Gamer on the Go

We've all been there: About to whip your friend's ass in a not-so-friendly game of Mario Kart when you realize there's only one controller! More »

Wake Up to the Smell of Sizzling Bacon…and Oinks

Bacon alarm clocks were pretty rudimentary six years ago. I mean, they didn't even have a snout or furry ears! The best bit about this BAKON one is that the instructions are all on Instructables, so you can build your own. More »

Why Can't We Have a Bento Box of Gadgets?

In Rene Lee's dreamland, a docked tablet would turn this Bento Book from case to full-functioning laptop, also holding a smartphone, external SSD, and solar charger. It's clever, it's beautiful, but we're not going to see it in our lifetimes. More »

This iPhone Finds Landmines

Your iPhone can find a lot of stuff: taxis, toilets, cafés, nearby sexual partners. How cute! And pitiable. While you've been scouting the best place to poop, Harvard researchers are working on an app that finds landmines. More »

Old Tech Reincarnated as New Bling

Where does technology go when it dies? If it's lucky, designer Paola Mirai snaps it up and incorporates it into her Cirkuita collection, a mix of jewelry that combines circuits and transistors and other gear ephemera with a material called orotransparente to create wearable pins, rings, and baubles. More »

How Many Pegs Does it Take to Hold a Light Bulb?

Just the one it appears-but it's a great big bloody one. Designer Steffi Min added a metal base to the oversized clothspin, so it reacts to the light bulb's electrical contacts and lights up. Just like a real lamp! More »

"Privacy" Glasses Actually for the Most Vain, Awful People

The joke with these glasses is that they're supposed to mimic the black censorship bars cast over the faces of celebs, criminals, and others with concealed identities. Avoid the paparazzi! More »

It's A Killer Swarm of Quadrotor Drones

Someday, military attack drones will not only wage battle against enemies sans pilot, but will fall into formation with other drones and attack en masse. This quadrotor technology from UPenn's GRASP lab is a very big step in that direction. More »