House Boat | How the heck did that get up there?

This Is the Scariest Flight I've Ever Seen

That airplane shaking uncontrollably in the sky is not CGI or a model airplane. It's a real Tupolev Tu-154, a three-engine jet designed in the Soviet Union during the mid-sixties. If you are scared of flying, don't watch this video. More »

All the Great Stuff from Google I/O 2011 Live: Day 2

It's day 2 of Google's developers love fest! Yesterday it was full of exciting announcements and it will be hard to beat. However, I'm sure they saved some punches for today. Here's our live coverage from Moscone, with analysis and hands-on articles: More »

Today's Best Gadgets

The coolest and best-designed gadgets of the day all in one place! More »

Google Music: An Island in the Cloud

The promise of Google Music is that it lets you listen to music anywhere. Aces! Except, for all the unifying promises of its online locker, Google Music does kinda the same thing as your hard drive: It isolates your songs. More »

The Perfect Music Service

Google Music is here, promising the magic of the cloud. Is it the perfect way to consume music digitally? Well, that's what they want us to believe. More »

This Is (Officially) the Best Illusion of the Year

It's no David Copperfield, but in this day and age surely that's a good thing? Winner of the Best Illusion of the Year contest, this moving circle of dots tricks the eye into seeing changing color even when they're not. More »

Japanese Maid Mods a Furby

This is Julie Watai. Don't ask why she's wearing a maid's uniform - it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that she's WAY better at hacking Furbies than you are. More »

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The Perfect Picnic Table Goes Both Ways

Whether it's enjoying food, drinks or conversation, life is better on a picnic table. It's one of tenets I live by. But picnic tables kill my back! If only I could prop the seat up and lounge. Wait. I can? More »

Walk Through the 2011 Smart Home with Joe Brown

If you haven't had a chance to stop by MSI, Chicago to check out the 2011 Smart Home exhibit, it's cool - you're busy, we understand. Gizmodo's own Joe Brown recently gave Discovery Canada a guided tour through the exhibit, so you can see some our favorite items in the house without leaving your computer. More »

The First Android Tablet Built for Humans

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is amazing in two ways. More »

The Real Life Museum of Indiana Jones

Thirty years after his big screen debut in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones is back on the scene and ready to inspire a new generation of budding archeologists. More »

A Super Powerful Wind Turbine That's Taller Than the Washington Monument

Wind blows. And if there's energy (and money) to be made from this fact of life, we may as well take advantage of it, right? That's what Vestas is doing-and they're using the V164-7.0 MW, a massive, 614-foot wind turbine, to do it. More »