As Hollywood's premiere stunt man, Vic Armstrong spent decades filling the shoes of iconic roles such as Indiana Jones and James Bond. These photos-donated to Maxim from Armstrong's personal stash-give a glimpse into the life of a stunt man, and its unique mix of rough-and-ready grunt work, and glitzy Hollywood glamour.

Pictured above: Stunt man Vic Armstrong on the set of the Indiana Jones movies with Harrison Ford.

On stage at the World Stunt Awards with Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of Last Action Hero.

Armstrong teams up with a well-oiled Sylvester Stallone on the set of Rambo III.

Armstrong in the famous fedora, doubling as Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom.

Armstrong on set with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford during filming for Temple of Doom.

Armstrong in costume as The Man of Steel. He doubled for Christopher Reeve in Superman I and Superman II.