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The Laptop of the Future, Version 1.0

Google's CR-48 Chrome laptop was a rough draft of the kind of computer people will be using eventually-lean, fast, utterly and completely connected-but it had its problems. (Oh lord, the trackpad.) Samsung's Series 5 Chromebook is like version 1.0. More »

You Can't Upgrade the Hard Drive in the New iMacs

The new iMacs have the super fast Thunderbolt port and Intel's latest Sandy Bridge Core processors which makes them, well, pretty awesome. What's not awesome? Apple has made upgrading the hard drive on the new iMacs damn near impossible. More »

Today's Best Gadgets

The coolest and best-designed gadgets of the day all in one place! More »

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Social Memories: The Thing All Your Facebook Friends Are About to Post

The latest annoyance on Facebook? It's an app called Social Memories that slices and dices your data and slaps it together in a pretty book that costs 19 Euros. It's way narcissistic and therefore will be huge. More »

The World's Most Ginormous HDTV Is Only 720p

The world's largest HDTV is 200 feet wide and 80 feet tall. The 16,000-square-foot screen is made up of 158 panels, weighing 165,000 pounds. It's lit up by 9 million LED lamps. But it's only 720p. More »

The Art of Disguising Cellphone Towers

What would you rather have: crappy cellphone service, or cellular towers scarring every visible surface? The two are at odds, but, thankfully, there are companies whose entire business is making those radio-wave spreaders disappear. And they're great at it. More »

Facebook Paid for a Secret Anti-Google Smear Campaign

What to do when you're not quite the most popular girl but so desperately want to be prom queen? Start trashing Ms. Perfectpants behind her back! Normal enough for high school. Kind of pathetic if you're Facebook. More »

The Men in Black Tell Will Smith His Larger-Than-Your-Apartment Trailer Must Go

The balls on Will Smith, to park a 1,150sq/ft double-decker trailer right in New York's Soho for the filming of Men in Black III! It's even worse when you find out he rents an apartment a short walk away. More »

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A Time Lapse Accidentally Captures a Man Proposing to His Future Wife

Michael Justin Porco was enjoying a beautiful Spring Day in New York City and decided to make a time lapse in Central Park. When he looked back at the time lapse he spotted a man proposing to his future wife. Aww. More »

Third Rail Mobility System: Slim Power. Kinda.

Fact: The iPhone 4 has crummy battery life. Fact 2: The iPhone 4 does not have a removable battery. Fact 3: Sucks. The Third Rail aims to fix this: It's a slim case that lets you tack extra batteries on. More »