Great Shot | Some pictures are worth a thousand words. This one is worth $3.89 million.

Sheex Performance Bed Sheets

You know those workout shirts that keep you cool and dry? Like from Under Armour and Nike? These Sheex "performance" bedsheets are made out of the same material. And they're pretty much perfect for any type of activity you do in bed. More »

87 Portraits Taken By You

Babies. Friends. Moms. Girlfriends. Grandparents. Not only did Gizmodo readers take some remarkable portraits for this week's Shooting Challenge, but they gave us a tiny but intimate peek into their lives. More »

The World's Largest Water Pump Moves 15 Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools Every Minute

The Mississippi River has been pretty pissed off lately. And it's because of natural disasters like this that they're building the world's largest water pump in New Orleans. More »

It's Official: Fukushima Was Hit With a Nuclear Meltdown

The flow of bad news (and radiation) out of Fukushima's reactors has diminished to a trickle over the past several weeks, as rescue work has proceeded. Not today. TEPCO's admitted for the first time that Fukushima experienced a grave meltdown. More »

Google's Real-Life Babelfish Will Translate the World

The tough thing about translation: You need someone who actually speaks both languages. Easy for Spanish to English, not so much for Swahili to Inuktitut. In the Plex by Steven Levy illustrates how Google's machine translations will revolutionize human communication. More »

The Art of Disguising Cellphone Towers

What would you rather have: crappy cellphone service, or cellular towers scarring every visible surface? The two are at odds, but, thankfully, there are companies whose entire business is making those radio-wave spreaders disappear. And they're great at it. More »

The Laptop of the Future, Version 1.0

Google's CR-48 Chrome laptop was a rough draft of the kind of computer people will be using eventually-lean, fast, utterly and completely connected-but it had its problems. (Oh lord, the trackpad.) Samsung's Series 5 Chromebook is like version 1.0. More »

All the Great Stuff from Google I/O 2011 Live

It's day 2 of Google's developers love fest! Yesterday it was full of exciting announcements and it will be hard to beat. However, I'm sure they saved some punches for today. Here's our live coverage from Moscone, with analysis and hands-on articles: More »

This Is What We (Ridiculously) Thought Osama Was Hiding in Ten Years Ago

We caught and shot Osama bin Laden in a rundown, decrepit compound, lacking any direct contact with the outside world. But in 2001, the Times of London (and the Pentagon) thought he was living in a comic villain's super fortress. More »

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Five Cutting-Edge Buildings From Google's New Campus Architects

Google finally decided they've outgrown the Googleplex and tossed $30 million at the city of Mountain View for some space to build a new 10-acre campus. Who's gonna design it? Ingenhoven, one of Germany's biggest architectural firms. More »

How Do You Boost Weak Water Pressure?

Low water pressure sucks. You hop in expecting a wonderful deluge, but you get a pathetic drizzle. It can be a day-breaker. But the good news is, you're not helpless. More »