Shooting Summary
Camera: Sony NEX-3
F Number: 5.6
Exposure: 1/20
Focal Length: 55

Was lucky enough to pick up Led Zeppelin I and IV at the local record shop this past week and thought it would make a good subject for the challenge. If nothing else, might make you dust off those old vinyl records and give them a spin this weekend.

- Chase Beydler

Taken with a Canon 500D. ISO was at 100 (to reduce noise), f4.5, shutter speed 3.2sec using a fixed Canon 50mm f1.8 on manual focus.


I had a big bag of small cogs from an old clock I intend to use in a fancy dress costume at some point. In the meantime I thought they'd make a nice close up photo with my new camera. I lined them up from largest to smallest on a black glass table and made sure my room was a dark as possible. Using my iPhone flash LED as a spotlight I fiddled with the camera settings to get the best detail. I like the way you can see the grease on the cogs themselves.

- David Marland

I really hope you enjoy this picture as much as we did.

At the weekend we brought home a new member to the family, Hal. He has been crazy about exploring anything small all week and found him in the garden looking at the "Macro" world of ants. I was lucky that he stayed still long enough for me to quickly take this photo with my iphone, but moments after taking this he was chasing after my iphone as his next subject hehehe


I did a little color correction as is came out quite dark, but thats all


- Karl

You're looking at a photo taken with an iPhone 4 trough a water drop - that would be the "You can always build your own macro lens" part. As I was experimenting with my camera, I came across this idea of using water drop as a macro lens. So I dropped a water drop directly onto the objective. It's a pretty clever idea, so I though I should give it a try. It worked very well as you can see. Anyway, that detail belongs to the well-known Apple stereo headset. You can see the metal net clearly, which is not so visible to you without a magnifier. This is a proof that equipment sometimes just doesn't matter ;)
- Manuel Vrhovac

Camera model: iPhone 4
F-stop: f/2.8
Exposure time: 1/50 sec
ISO speed: 80
Focal lenght: 4mm
Metering mode: Pattern
Flash: no flash, compulsory
Technique: Super-macro

- Manuel Vrhovac

I was just bored today while cleaning out my drawers, when I come across an interesting tiny glass bottle that I received as a new years gift. It was covered in stickers, filled with beads, with a little tag and a note inside filled with random thoughts that the person decided to write down at the moment. I then thought that it would be great to photograph and quickly removed the pink turtle stickers and tag. I then proceeded to remove the note and positioned it on my windowsill. I took a few pictures using a flashlight with a random piece of paper I used as a diffuser as well as the natural ambient light that was coming through the window. The photos looked great but something was missing. With a stroke of creativity, I tore a piece of paper off of my makeshift diffuser and wrote the word "lost" on it. I carefully placed the piece of paper in the glass container with precision. I took a few more pictures but the magenta nature of the tiny beads offset the meaning that I was trying to portray. I then switch my t2i's color setting and got the perfect picture.
Exposure time is 1/15sec. at f/5.6
ISO speed is 100
Taken on a Canon t2i with a kit lens

- Michael Horwath

Eye of my Australian Bearded Dragon. His name is Stewie and I've had him for a few years and decided to test out this macro lens on him. His eye is about 1/8th of an inch in real life. All he needed was some water in a bowl and he sat still drinking it just long enough for me to catch this!
Shot with a Canon 7D with MP-E 65mm lens, ISO 200, F/8, 1/160th second shutter, 580 EX II flash and a desk lamp for light.

- Tom Molczynski

This photo was actually taken with my iPhone 4. Fedex just delievered it and I had just finished getting it set up and stuff. We had a pond in our back yard so I went around and took some photos of some tiger lilies. I also work in a photo lab and use this image for some displays and get a lot of compliments on it! I also took a photograph of an orange tiger lily.


Original Photo Dimensions:
Original Size:
1.75 MB
Exposure Time:
1/794 sec.
ISO Speed:
Focal Length:
4 mm
Metering Mode:
Flash Mode:
No Flash,auto

- Dustin Maki

My Name is Andrew Smith. I use a Canon Eos Rebel T2i with a 18-55mm lens with a 10x attachment.


I love macro photography so this contest really hit me close to heart. I hate how people don't stop and look at things that are all around us. Some of the prettiest things in the world may be no bigger than our finger. i constantly walk around really slow looking at the ground and the bushes everything small.

- Andrew Smith

taken with my iphone 4 and a $14 wide - macro lens combo I bought from amazon

earlier that day I shot some pictures of plants in my backyard so I got the great idea of shooting the grass, and there you go, thats the result.

- Jose Carlos Moreno

While searching my office for a macro subject, I noticed light shining off my rabbit ears - which have tin foil "boosters" on them. I laid one "ear" on my desk under a fluorescent lamp and took the shot of the somewhat crumpled tin foil.

[The rabbit ears work fine for broadcast HDTV.]

Camera: Panasonic DMC-LZ7 (point & shoot)
Lens: Macro setting
Distance: ~5 inches
Aperture: f2.8
Shutter: 1/200

- Bruce Wenner

Dear Gizmodo,

Please find attached my macro shots. I am using a Nikon D700 with a 105mm lens at F4.8 1/100 sec at ISO400, shot on may 8th.


I have this macro lens for three weeks now and bought it for other reason. But once I started to test the Macro, I fell in love. I live in Curacao and the picture of the Bee is shot in my yard. I saw it flying but always wondered what that yellow pocket is on his legs. Well....I know see what we learned in biology back in the days.

Thank you for accepting my entrée.

- Terry van Ommen

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40
ISO: 80
Aperture: 3.2
Exposure: 1/125

I was out on my front porch and happened upon a dead wasp. It looked
like a great photo opportunity and the light was perfect so I grabbed
my camera, set it to Macro, and shot away. It took a few tries to get
the perfect light but I got it eventually.

- James Driver

Fujifilm Finepix S6000FD, ISO 100, F2.8

Went out during the "golden hour" to take some pictures, with this challenge in mind. I went out to the schoolyard and found the most pristine dead dandelion I could find. I looked at this one really hard before taking a picture, and was pretty fascinated actually with it's construction. The fluffy things acted almost as fiber optics and illuminated in the sunlight. I put camera on SUPER macro, lined that baby up with the sun and started taking pictures and tinkering with camera settings. I got a few I thought were satisfying. It was not until I loaded them on to the computer that I realized how selective of a focus this particular one has, with the "fluffs" in focus and the core not. I did some minor color correction in iPhoto.

- Matt Gurbarg

I was looking to take a picture of a granule a salt, but couldn't get the contrast right. So I took a picture of my ballpoint pen because I noticed all the dust, ink, and detail in the tip, so I needed to take a picture of it...

Camera: Casio Exilim ZR-100
Lens: Exilim 24mm Wide Optical
ISO: Auto
No Flash

- Jacob Freeman

I shot this with my Verizon Env Touch. Its a pretty bad phone, but it has a pretty great camera with a macro setting. I'm stepping out of my garage and my foot was about 2 inches from crushing this guy. I like how the mantis looks like some sort of Godzilla monster about to take over.

- Matt Bailey

Nikon D7000 Nikon 105mm Micro f 2.8 250 sec 100 iso

- Dean Bungart

For this shot I was using a Nikon D90 and 50mm prime lens with a extension tube connected. It was shot at 200 ISO, f/1.8, at 1/60. My goal for this photo was to show tension and anxiety, and I chose to convey this through someone biting their lip. I knew I wanted to have the lips pop and look be really dramatic. I also wanted to get an overexposed look along the side of the face, so I had her stand in front of a window with direct sun and used a large aperture setting. I did a few curve corrections in photoshop and here it is.

- Matt Will


I took this shot with my Canon 60D and 60mm Canon Macro Lense.
The setup: a vase full of sparkling water and a lime of course :-)!

As I was was shooting outside and the sun was shining, I used ISO 100.


- Rüdiger

Now, to say I love macro would be a massive understatement. My primary/walking around lens is a 100 macro, And I carry a 35 macro at all times too! I had a quick look around for stuff that would be interesting and after trying out a few I decided to go for an eye, At first I thought I'd call a friend up and tell them to call over but it's 10am, they're all at work or college, so I whipped out my camera, grabbed a HDMI cable and set up live view on one of my PC displays. Set up wireless flash for lighting and off I went, Did a little bit of editing in LR, Some gradiated filters and the like and that was pretty much it!


Pentax K-7, D FA 100mm f/2.8 Macro, f/18 (I usually always shoot 2.8 but when taking a picture of your own eye, you need as much depth as possible!), 1/180, Manual, Wireless flash at 1/8th power, ISO 320.

- Florian Stravock

Hi there, I got home early from work and it was a sunny day, so i got my equipment and went to the backyard to shoot some macros, started loooking for some flies or bees but found almost nothing worth while, so i started looking near the ground and saw this little jumping spider resting on a leaf it just sat there like it was enjoying being photographed. It was a spider day for me, only took spider shots J


Equipment used:
Canon 5D mk2
Sigma 105mm f2.8 macro
Off camera Canon 580EXII Flash

Iso 100

- Ruben Tavares

Was walking around the garden and i suddenly saw this frog.... was amazed by its eyes and remembered this contest. it took alot of time to make it stand still but i was able to after a couple of shots. Nikon D7000 18-105mm F/5.6 1/500 ISO 100

- Thomas Wakim

Equipment: Canon IXUS 105 (Point and Shoot)

Settings: Macro Mode and Vivid Light.

Technique: None (I don't know any)

Story behind Shot:
I work in Sydney, Australia and this picture was taken in the Minnamurra Rainforest in Budderoo National Park.
The name "Minnamurra" is aboriginal for "river of many fish".
I had gone camping over a wet weekend to this rain forest, but on the overcast day instead of fishes I found this little guy crawling along.
I didnt see him at first and when my friends started shouting to watch out,I thought some animal was about to attack from behind, than I realized that they were shouting coz I was about to crush this little guy.
I took out my cam and tried two shots. The first was out of focus and this is the second one. I don't know anything about photo editing and just cropped this image to remove my friend's hand appearing in the corner.


I always browse through all the Shooting Contests but being an absolute noob and amateur photographer, who only owns a point and shoot, have never taken the initiative to participate in one until today.

Thanks & Regards,

- Shrijeet Roy Choudhary

I follow the Giz photo challenges every week and am always blown away by what I see. It's a little intimidating. I thought I'd give this week's a try. I'll be traveling this week, so the only chance i had to get this done was last night.


This pic was taken after dark. I had a floodlight in the background to give a little bit of ambient light, but the majority of it was supplied by an off-camera canon 430EX flash with an Opteka diffuser mounted. I used a tripod and remote shutter switch for stability. Slight color corrections are the only alterations. Shot with T2i and Canon 60mm EF-S Macro lens. I've included an additional photo of the tree itself for scale.

- Michael Brock

I was walking around Peddler's Village in Pennsylvania to shoot photos of my production team who were doing "man on the street" interviews and I got distracted and started shooting other stuff. It was a very sunny afternoon and there were lots of flowers to try some macro shots and I liked this one the best. I think that the flower looks like it is generating its own light under the stem. It is cropped and auto enhanced in Aperture 3 to give the colors a little more vibrancy. I used a Nikon D7000, a Zeiss makro 50mm lens, f/4, 1/3200, ISO 200.

- John Cecilian

Photo stats:

Camera Nikon D5100
Exposure 0.017 sec (1/60)
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 55 mm
ISO Speed 110
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash Auto, Did not fire


This picture was taken at my grandma's house in Tennessee. This inch worm was bouncing up and down on the bird crap haha, almost as if he was smelling it or something. I thought it was very strange!

- Cody Myers

I was cleaning my M-16 the other day, admiring the wear pattern on the bolt face, and remembered that this week's shooting challenge was about macro photography. So I whipped out my Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 with Olympus 50mm f/2.0 Macro lens, used a spotlight to get some more light on the subject, and snapped this picture. What I really like is how you can see exactly where the face of the bolt has been rubbing against the chamber of my rifle (it even wore some rings into the locking lugs!), the black ring left by the primer pocket, and little flecks of brass left behind from the thousands of rounds that have been fired through it. There's beauty in mechanical ingenuity, and those parts only get more beautiful with time and use. Settings were f/8 (aperture priority for shallow depth of field), 1/15 shutter speed, ISO 100.

- Nick Leghorn

This was an experiment I've been wanting to try for awhile. Shot with D300 + Sigma 150, ISO 400 at 1/100 f/4.5.


Used one diffused, wireless SB-800 behind the subject to illuminate me, then used a flashlight to get accurate AF. Picture is taken, flash lights me up, everything gets exposed.

- Evan Kitaljevich

My mission: to boldly seek out new lifeforms, and snub them wherever they fester. My specimen : Latrodectus hesperus. The Western Black Widow. A BLACK FREAKING WIDOW!


I was doing a daily inspection of my back yard for killer spiders for my girlfriend who found one and wanted me to make sure there weren't more. There were. It's a juvenile black widow - you can tell because it isn't black yet and it has white bands. Wonderful plumage. I gassed this one, hit it with a hammer, threw it into a little plastic bag and into the trash so my puppy wouldn't try to eat it. This spider is dead. Still. Kicked the bucket. Bought the farm. Deceased. This is an ex-spider.

Photo: Nikon coolpix S570. ISO-80, 5mm focal length, 2.9 apeture. f/5.4. Cropped (and i beefed up the contrast a little) in Picasa.

- Denver Lancaster

Shooting Summary:
Canon Digital Rebel XS
Canon 55-250mm IS lens @ 250mm + 50mm f/1.8
ISO 800


I wanted to photograph something small but with detail, and the only item that I could find in my apartment was this 0.7mm ball point pen. The challenge was being able to photograph the tip without using a macro lens (I don't own one). Fortunately, I've recently learned that you can make your own "poor man's" macro lens by combining your 18-55mm kit lens with the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. In my case, I used my 55-250 zoom lens instead for some added magnification. The hardest part had to be the focusing. Even the slightest touch on the focus ring could throw the focus off too shallow or too deep on the ball point, thus not being able to capture the reflection. The image didn't come out as sharp as I wanted, but it was better than I initially expected, given the unconventional setup I used.

- Hiro Yamamoto

This is a Nudibranch, aka "sea slug". It is approximately 2cm long.
Photo was taken underwater in the Red Sea, offshore Eilat, southernmost city of Israel.
I used a Canon PowerShot A610 with a Canon underwater housing.
Since the shot was taken at 30 meters below sea level (where sunlight doesn't get its full spectrum through), I had to put the flash on, otherwise all shades of red would have turned blue.


Canon PowerShot A610
exposure time: 1/60 sec
focal length: 7mm
subject distance: 110mm

Thank you,

- Stav Harel

I'm in love with macro photographing, since taking flower and bug's shot is so common i decided to get close to something else.
so this is a close contact shot of our toothbrush.
i didn't have macro lens so i used reverse technique.
it's with nikon D90 - reversed lens - diaphragm is opened manually with 1/40 s shutter speed and ISO 500
hope you'll enjoy it

- D. Dawn

This shooting challenge is a favorite of mine, because a lot of my pictures are in macro mode. This picture is something I've been wanting to try for a long time: backlit translucent legos. The legos are in a glass coaster over a lamp. Underneath is a second glass coaster with some more legos, just to give some depth. I also tried a few shots with a tiny rubber dinosaur added to the lego bath, but it never looked right. The legos were good enough on their own, looking like stained glass but without the guilt. The effect was so nice, I made one of the shots the wallpaper pattern on my phone.


Equipment: HTC Evo built-in camera with a tiny magnetic macro lens from Photojojo.
ISO, etc: Don't know. Auto!

- Phil Gullett

This photo was taken with an Olympus E-PL2 Micro Thirds camera with the M.Zuiko 14-42mm lens using 1/500 sec exposure, ISO 200 and F10. These little flowers started blooming off the succulent that's encroaching up my cement patio in the backyard. It was shot around noon, and I like the way the green waxy parts of the plant sparkle in the sunlight.

- Steven Fercho

Equipment: Sony A-200 with 30mm dedicated macro lens, f/5.6, at ISO-100.
Story: Well, I found this flower so subliminally phallic, I couldn't resist taking the shot to show my lady friends!

- Ron Harris

For this contest I wanted to photograp something that has meanin to me, so I whipped out my prescious and valuable 92 yr old gold coin. I tried takin this pic with my DSLR, but quickly noticed I couldnt get as close as I wanted with my current lenses. So I decided to use my cell instead with my homemade macro lense from a disposable camera. I didnt use other countries coins as i wanted people to be able to put this shot in perspective. I think it turned out good enough.

5mm focal lenght
ISO - 257
WB - Auto
Disposable camera macro lense


- Felix Garcia

I arrived at school quite early this (May 13th) morning and found I had a good millennia and a half to doddle around the school. It would be very nice to say that I went around taking pictures the whole time, but being quite forgetful I only remembered the shooting challenge as I was hustling to class! I only got one shot off and it was this drive (power walk) by shooting of the lockers. For the speed I was going I was quite impressed and went about my day quite content.


Taken with my point-and-shoot Sony HX5V in Manual Mode (because auto white balance is an idiot). ISO800, f3.5.

- Brian Coffman

This Photo was taken on the macro setting of my Canon PowerShot SD890. I stumbled upon this bee in my backyard while I was walking back to my house and noticed it didn't fly away when I stepped near it. I grabbed my camera and on further inspection discovered this was a very old bee (evident also based on the white mane) which did not have the strength to get away. I then proceeded to take a couple shots at different angles until this one emerged. The bee's positioning seemed to take on the characteristics of an antiquated king's portrait, which seemed fitting based on it's age and majestic nature.


- Brandon

Water drop on a dandelion. I used syringe to put a water drop to the center of
the dandelion. Natural light from the window with reflector on the other side
was used for lightning.

Nikon D7000 with Tokina AT-X 100 PRO D 100mm f/2.8: 3s, f32, ISO 100, 100mm

- Petri Damstén

Canon PowerShot SX120 IS point-and-shoot on automatic (f/3.5, 1/1250s, ISO-125).

I was out in the front yard today taking some photos of my Pontiac G8 after a car wash with a blossoming apple tree in the background. I took a random close-up of the tree and didn't even notice it came out good until I took the photos off my camera.

- Chris Andrews

I just recently purchased a 50mm lens that I've been experimenting with, but its terrible when up close to anything. I bought a magnifying filter for macro photos and used it with this lens so I could get closer, but I still had trouble focusing the way I wanted to, then I thought back to a previous photography challenge that seemed to hold the answer,the Detached Lens Photography Challenge. Detaching the lens allowed me to focus on the mangled staples being only 5 inches away. it also created an extremely harsh depth of field which I thought added character to the photo. This was shot with my shitty Canon Rebel XS using a detached 50 mm with a +4 zoom macro filter, at 800 ISO using 1/125 shutter speed at f1.8.


I've been relatively obsessed with the Gizmodo website for over a year now. It's a website that makes me feel like I belong. every time I talk about gadgets and science all my friends just shake their head and ignore me, but when I'm browsing the articles on Gizmodo I understand everything and I find that I'm not alone, there are others just as nerdy as me! So this photo is a tribute to the site that holds me together. The irony of that is that almost everything in the photo is made up of staples, bent and twisted to read a name we are all too familiar with.

- Adam

Canon 60D
1 sec exposure

I had a couple custom 0 scale train figures that I've wanted to shoot for awhile now, so I put them on a miniature train set and lit it as dramatic as possible. I used mostly small ikea lights, and for the flare I used my trusty iPhone that I held as I took the picture.


- John Harvatine IV

Shooting summary:
Nikon D700
ISO 400
Rear lightin

My wife had asked me to help chop veggies for dinner. I sliced through this red pepper and chopped up the first half. When I picked up the second half, however my ‘photo sensors' buzzed alive. I took the pepper to my office/studio and tried to capture the essence of the seeds disappearing into the cavity. The red glow is from backlighting. Needless to say, I spent more time than I initially told my wife and dinner was complete by the time I returned. All in all, not a bad evening. Great dinner and a contest entry to boot!


- Michael J. O'Connell


Shooting Summary -
Camera – 5D MarkII
Lens – Canon 100mm Macro
ISO – 800
Aperture – f4.5
Shutter Speed – 1/100


So I'm riding home on my bike and look down and see this little guy sitting like a hood ornament on my bike. He/She hung on till I got home....keeping in mind the Gizmodo Macro challenge I ran in and got my camera the mean time he was happily spinning a web on the handle bar.



- Neville Sukhia

I just received mw Pinwide - it is ideal to play around with for macro photos, due to the lack of lenses there is no DOF effect (the first flower is as much in focus as is the background).
Distance to the first flower approx 1,5cm from pinhole.
No 'shop with the exception of resizing.
Equipment: Olympus E-P1, Pinwide (~f100, 22mm equiv, pinhole), 1 sec shutter, ISO 200, 2ev over exposure

- Matias Otto

Shot with:

Nikon D90
Nikon 85mm macro 1:1 Lens
1/60 sec at f/36 ISO 200

I was wandering around looking for some bugs to shoot when I came across this ant hill. I jumped down on my hands and knees and started shooting, thinking "I'll be quick and wont get covered in ants." Then as often happens when you are a shooting time seems to slip away. I was still finding ants in places ants should not be hours later...

- Lance Finch


here's my entry for the current shooting challenge:

The subject is the tip of an old paintbrush, at a magnification of 10:1 or so. To take the photo, I put the brush in front of a window, steadied myself against a wall and played around with a few perspectives until I found this one. Framing the shot was made a little difficult by the 3mm-field-of-view, but after a few tries I ended up with this. The photo was processed using a few curves and some noise reduction in photoshop.


Camera and settings: Handheld Canon 7D at ISO800, 1/250s, manual camera flash and an inverted Sigma 10-20mm lens held in front of the camera.


- Robert

I used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Point and Shoot Camera.
ISO100, F3.4, 1/30 sec

I love a plate of food that is presentable and am known to post food pics
online. While eating my dinner and taking pics of my food, I remembered
Gizmodo's Macro shot contest. I thought it was interesting to get a macro shot
of the tentacles from this grilled octopus.... Yes.. it was delicious.


- Ying Chi Chow

After of day of runing around for Soccer, Girl Scouts, Clarinet lesson, Math Practice, and McDonalds, needed something to wind down with, so a beer and a camera seemed reasonable. Shot taken after a brief rain that came thru Shawnee, KS on a cloudy, dreary, 50 degree day. The Dianthus had just started blooming recently, and thought it would make a good shot to experiment with, although I admit to letting the camera do most of the work!


Camera: Canon A470 7.1 megapixal
Date: 05/14/11
F stop: f/18
Exposure: 1/60 sec
ISO: 80
Focal Length: 22mm

- Steve Goetting

I have a DSLR but no macro lens or any way to shoot an object up close. My wife, however, has a Canon Powershot that I've used to take macro shots before, although it doesn't have the quality that a DSLR would have with an appropriate lens. I built my wife a fence not too long ago and haven't had a chance to sand down all the wood. The texture and splintering were interesting so I snapped a picture, quickly adjusted the contrast and color, and submitted the pic. Canon Powershot SD1100 IS, ISO 125, 1/400 shutter, F8.0.

- Ben Douglas

So i was thinking of taking some macro picture of a leaf sometime during the late afternoon. However the next morning before school the sun was hitting my winter jacket (which is what the picture is of. Don't worry it's fake fur) So i decided to bust my camera out and take a picture of the little hairs which i thought would make for a nice picture.

Canon Powershot SX110 IS
1/80 sec
ISO 80

- Kalden Dhatsenpa

Took this picture just using a Makeshift background from a piece of letter size printer paper. Using a Nikon 85mm Micro lens.

Used ISO 100 f/10 with 1/200 sec flash.

This was taken of a small starfish that I had collected on the beach in Texas a couple of years ago.

- James Gray

Canon Rebel XS
Tokina 35mm F2.8 Macro Lens

Shutter Speed 1/25
ISO 800
Aperture F/2.8
No Flash

I love my macro lens and was so excited to see the Photo Challenge finally be a macro challenge. I changed my mind dozens of times trying to choose a subject, but in the end turned the lens on myself. Shot with a wide open aperture to create a narrow depth of field, which created the challenge of getting the focal point and framing where I wanted. Minor touchups, including glare reduction performed in Photoshop.

- Cato Pedersen

After spending a rather fruitless hour photographing flowers in the garden I had basically stopped and put the camera away. A short while later I noticed this bee and raced inside to grab the camera before it flew off. The camera was still basically set up so I simply turned it on and then moved the camera close until the bee was in focus. I took the shot and while checking the exposure the bee departed. One shot. My biggest challenge was how much of the original to crop.


This works for me on several levels, the grain of the wood, the bee highlighted in the sun shine, the translucence of it's body, it's apparent interest in the speck of leaf and all highlighted against the colour of the wood.

Taken on a Pentax K200D, with a Sigma 28mm lens (manual focus), ISO 100, f2.8, 1/125 sec, distance to subject about 25 cm.

- Nick Smith

This is a picture of a Red Asiatic Lily in my backyard highlighting the anther
and filament of the stamen. No macro lens used, just the camera's kit lens. I
turned the autofocus off and rocked back and forth slightly to get the point of
focus where I wanted it. Shot with a Canon EOS Rebel XSi, EF-S 18-55mm lens,
f/5.6 at 1/200, ISO 100, exposure bias -.67.

- Chris Thompson

I set out to find something interesting for my first submission. I found one buttercup that had survived the lawnmowers that day in the common area near our townhouse. Hand shot with my Canon T2i 100mm macro lens at 1/800 sec, f/7.1, ISO 400.

- Michael Rothgeb