This is Real | Who needs PhotoShop when you can take shots like this?

153 Photos of Teeny Tiny Things

Macro photography never gets old. And the 153 entries to this week's Shooting Challenge prove it. (They also prove that people loooveee taking photos of insects, eyeballs and flowers-not that there's anything wrong with that!) More »

The Lost Origin of Twitter

Before Twitter was public, it was just an AIM hack on Jack Dorsey's pager. More »

Today's Top Gadgets

The coolest and best-designed gadgets of the day all in one place! More »

Massive Leak Reveals Intricate Details of Bin Laden Raid

Details of what happened on the night we killed Bin Laden have been dripping slowly from the White House, but anonymous government sources have just handed the AP the entire story. Every single detail. Even the SEAL dog's name. More »

If Android Looked Like Windows Phone 7…

..Oh wait! You can totally make Android look like Windows Phone 7! Look at Japanese mobile carrier KDDI, who again linked up with design firm Iida to revamp their Infobar line of phones with an Android Gingerbread smartphone. More »

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The 360 Degree, 10 Gigapixel View From Inside a Stadium Makes You Feel Like a Superstar

Jeffrey Martin, the master of gigapixel pictures, has brought us inside Wembley Stadium during a live soccer game. Like his previous iterations, you get to pan, zoom, pull and see a moment frozen in time. And as alway, it's amazing. More »

These Are the First Lego Sets Ever Launched Into Space

Yesterday, the space shuttle Endeavour launched for the last time, carrying the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and the ExPRESS Logistics to the ISS. But more importantly, it carried Lego to space for the first time in history. These are the sets. More »

Fukushima Was Ruined by Quake Even before the Tsunami

We've long assumed that the double decker disaster scenario of a massive earthquake and tsunami caused the Fukushima meltdown. Turns out, all it took was the former, which knocked out Fukushima's cooling in less than 10 minutes. More »

Android's Personal Data Leakage Problem

I own an Android. You own an Android. Heaps of people own Androids. But apparently 99 per cent of them can be easily attacked, every time we log into a website on an unsecured network. More »