New Earth | Say hello to Gliese 581d, the first habitable extra-solar planet

SpaceShipTwo Returning to Earth Looks Just Awesome

Virgin Atlantic has tested the return capabilities of their SpaceShipTwo spacecraft for the first time. The video of its first feathered flight is just too beautiful and elegant to describe. Just watch it More »

New York Times Editor Is A Horrible Troll Who Doesn't Understand The Modern World

Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times, thinks modern communication technologies make you stupid, destroy your relationships and even your soul. He is wrong.More »

7 Tools to Help You Conquer Your Allergies

This week's toolkit is a personal one: allergies. I've had 'em as long as I can remember, and this year, they are TERRIBLE. I can barely function myself, sometimes, and figured these seven tools might help alleviate the suffering of others. More »

What Happens When a Grandpa Thinks Twitter Is Google

Apparently, someone has told his 81-year old father that you use Twitter to search things on Google. The result? A stream of old man searches ranging from "cold toes" to "diane sawyer swimsuit pictures." Mean? Yes. Hilarious? Yesserer. More »

This Robot Is Basically a Ninja

hat do ninjas do? They climb walls, conduct missions in the dark, and fight pirates. So does ReconRobotics' Recon Scout Throwbot. More »

Every Awesome Thing MacGyver Ever Made

MacGyver was the greatest TV shows of all time, yes? Yes. But so much of it only exists in memory now. Or did, until someone came along and catalogued every single awesome thing Mac ever did, in convenient interactive form. More »

Clueless Companies Give Their Employees iPads For No Reason

Businesses are buying up iPads like crazy, but half of them don't know what to do with the tablet devices once they hand them over to their employees. More »

The Kindle Should Use Ricoh's New Color E-Ink Screen

I think e-ink is one of those fantastic retro-future technologies that is so cool because it's so simple. But, inevitably, I'm going to want some color. Thankfully, Ricoh has just developed a new color e-paper screen that's better than ever. More »

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This Big Ass DIY Camera Takes Pictures on 3 Foot Long Film

Darren Samuelson wanted bigger pictures so built himself a ginormous camera that he aptly named Darren's Great Big Camera. When fully extended, the camera is taller than the average man (6 feet long) and shoots on 14×36-inch negatives. NBD. More »

This Super Sherpa Climbed Everest 21 Times. Here's His Eco Gadget Bag

Last week, Apa Sherpa made it to the summit of Mount Everest for a record-breaking 21st time. This "Super Sherpa", who now lives in Utah, has climbed for the past several years with the Eco Everest Expedition, a team with a "leave no trace" outdoor ethic dedicated to cleaning up Everest. The group has brought down over 12 tons of garbage for disposal and four human bodies for burial over the past three years. More »

If Your Heart Stops For 96 Minutes, Pray This Machine Is At Your Side

Ninety six minutes. Eleven shocks by defibrillator. Two dozen rescuers pounding his chest in shifts to bring vital oxygen to his limp body. A helicopter, even. That's what it took to revive 54-year old Howard Snitzer this month. Oh, and a little celebrated thing called a capnography machine that let everyone know that he was still capable of being brought back from the brink of death. More »