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Crazy People Drive Post-Rapture Pet Pickup Boom

The end times are this weekend, and I know what you're thinking: What about my dog? Don't sweat, for $135 a group of plucky blaspheming atheists will swing by your crib and pick up your pets. Holla! More »

Google's Really Trying to Kill The URL Bar

There was talk a few months back of a compact mode in Chrome that would turn the URL bar into a contextual element. Now it's seeping into early builds of Chrome 13. Here's how it works: More »

Are You Ready for IMAX-Caliber SUPER HI-VISION TVs?!

Because they have nothing better to do, Sharp went ahead and crammed 33,177,600 pixels into a prototype 85-inch display- a resolution of 7680x4320 with a pixel density of 103ppi-labeled it SUPER HI-VISION and called it a day. More »

The Ejector Seat's Trial by Fire

Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin at least knew what they were getting into - Lt. Jack Fruin had no idea he'd be the first man shot out of a plane. Punching Out by James Cross recalls this Navy pilot's momentous flight. More »

What Is BitCoin?

Maybe you've heard of BitCoin-it wants to shake the entire global economy. And some people think it might! It's online money-an alternative to dollars and euros. Well what's that mean? It's complicated, but we break it down. More »

First Photos of Tsunami Hitting Fukushima Atomic Plant

The Tokyo Electric Power Company has released images showing how the tsunami hit the Fukushima power plant. Thousands of tons of water covered absolutely everything with inexorable fury, without caring about any dam or barrier in the way. Absolutely terrifying. More »

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Go Wide and Get Wet: Lomography's LC-Wide Film Camera Shoots 103 Degrees

The advancing wave of retro-nostalgia is growing bigger, and Lomography appears to be the slick surfer perched atop that wave, with its cool range of film cameras. Their new golden surfboard is the LC-Wide, a 17mm format-changin' film camera ride. More »

Inside a B&H Photo Video Store, From the Eyes of a Second-Hand Camera

Imagine buying a second-hand camera from a store, and discovering that there was a Compact Flash card inside, full of photos showing the inside world of the store it came from. It's kind of like a reverse One Hour Photo. More »

Leak: Dell's 10-Inch Streak Pro Tablet Will Run Honeycomb When It Hits in June

Good news from Android camp-the upcoming Dell Streak Pro (which Dell still hasn't formally introduced yet) will run Honeycomb on its 1GHz Tegra 2 chipset and 1GB of RAM innards. More »

Lego Super-8 Movie Projector Makes Me Wish Film Never Went Away

All praise Herr Friedemann Wachsmuth, for he has created a Super 8 movie projector using only Lego Technic, lens, reel spindles and a LED flashlight. Watch it in action. It's bloody brilliant. More »

Facebook Fails

Facebook wants to be your life. They want you to chat, exchange messages and publish your photos using their services. That's ok. It's a good concept. It's just too bad their technology sucks to the point of being unusable at times. More »