Messin' with the Rapture | Because the believers won't feel silly enough come Sunday

Apparently Porcelain and Wooden Doweling are the Perfect Materials For Speaker Quality

Who knows; the perfect speaker could be created from a roll of loo-paper and a few components-but if it doesn't look good, it'll hardly do well. Apparently porcelain and wooden dowel has been discovered as the perfect mix. More »

What Is EPO?

Fresh allegations by Lance Armstrong's former teammate Tyler Hamilton are bad news for the man in yellow. Hamilton says Armstrong used EPO to train for the Tour de France. So what's EPO, and why is that a big deal? More »

The Super Awesome Superconducting Magnet Endeavour Left Behind

The largest, most expensive space-science experiment left Earth earlier this week with Endeavour. And inside AMS is a superconducting magnet-but not the more powerful one that was 12 years in the making. More »

The Real and Fascinating Origin of the Bikini

55 years ago today, the United States tested a hydrogen bomb over Namu island, in the Bikini Atoll, Pacific Ocean. The 15 megaton bomb exploded at 15,000 feet, causing a four-mile fireball, 500 times brighter than the Sun. More »

This Mammoth Multicorer Grabs Ocean Mud with Delicate Precision

This may look like a giant robot spider, but it's actually a very delicate scientific instrument used to take undisturbed samples of the ocean floor. More »

Man Eats 25,000 Big Macs and Lives to Tell About It

Don Gorske started eating Big Macs on May 17, 1972 and he never stopped. He has eaten his way through an astonishing 25,000 Big Macs and is now in the Guiness Book of World Records. More »

Who Used This Camera-Equipped Colt 38?

Someone in the 1930's had a serious taste for the macabre, and mounted a small camera on a Colt 38 revolver. Not much is known about this vintage firearm, leaving us wondering who made this gun... and why. More »

This Is What Keeps the Netherlands Dry

The Netherlands used to flood a lot. Rather than just grow gills and be done with the matter, the Dutch blew a bunch of cash on a massive set of levees, then added this monumental storm surge protector up front. More »

The Internet's Creepiest Craigslist Ad

It takes a lot to be creepy on Craigslist. To be noticed for being shady on civilization's greatest repository of perversion and fraud is like being the most naked woman at the strip club. But this, uh "researcher" managed it. More »