Rapture Bombing | A gallery dedicated to those who left us behind

All the Essential Gear You Need for the Rapture

The world is ending tomorrow. Maybe. Odds are, if you're a Gizmodo reader, you'll be stuck down here with the rest of us sinners-pick up this apocalyptic hardware beforehand.More »

What Is Planking?

Planking is blowing up the news these day. Old people would say it's another instance of why the youth is screwed. Kids would fire back that it's the most fun you can have being still. Who's right? And just what the hell is planking? More »

Scooba 230: My Beloved, Adorable, Floor Cleaning Robo-Slave

The 230 is the nook, cranny, and floor-scrubbing baby brother of the Scooba family by iRobot. Taking up little more space than a CD, it's only a few inches tall. It won't replace your mop, but it'll tirelessly try. More »

New York Times Editor Is a Horrible Troll Who Doesn't Understand the Modern World

Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times, thinks modern communication technologies make you stupid, destroy your relationships and even your soulscoobna. He is wrong. More »

Facebook Fails

Facebook wants to be your life. They want you to chat, exchange messages and publish your photos using their services. That's ok. It's a good concept. It's just too bad their technology sucks to the point of being unusable at times. More »

SpaceShipTwo Returning to Earth Looks Just Awesome

Virgin Galactic has tested the return capabilities of their SpaceShipTwo spacecraft for the first time. The video of its first feathered flight is just too beautiful and elegant to describe. Just watch it: More »

This Is Not a Painting

What you're looking at isn't a painting. It's not a Photoshop job or an artist's rendering. It's a photograph, taken by National Geographic's Frans Lanting, that captures the camel thorn trees of Namib-Naukluft Park at the most perfect moment imaginable. More »

The Ejector Seat's Trial by Fire

Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin at least knew what they were getting into - Lt. Jack Fruin had no idea he'd be the first man shot out of a plane. Punching Outhttp://gizmodo.com/5788242/mr-gagarins-wild-ride by James Cross recalls this Navy pilot's momentous flight. More »

153 Photos of Teeny Tiny Things

Macro photography never gets old. And the 153 entries to this week's Shooting Challenge prove it. (They also prove that people loooveee taking photos of insects, eyeballs and flowers-not that there's anything wrong with that!) More »

Massive Leak Reveals Intricate Details of Bin Laden Raid

Details of what happened on the night we killed Bin Laden have been dripping slowly from the White House, but anonymous government sources have just handed the AP the entire story. Every single detail. Even the SEAL dog's name. More »

The Lost Animals of Fukushima

After much hand-wringing, the Japanese government finally created a mandatory evacuation zone around the radiation-spewing Fukushima plant. Humans should be safe now. But the same can't be said of the hundreds of thousands of abandoned of animals left behind. More »

Remember When AOL Instant Messenger Was Our Facebook?

After bowing down to Google Talk this week, AIM is effectively dead. Most buddy lists are ghost towns. Chatters fled to Google, Skype and Facebook for their conversational needs. But at its pinnacle, AIM was something singular and amazing. More »