Space Race | 50 Years ago today, President John F Kennedy challenged the US people to go to the moon.

8 Tools for Throwing a Pool-Less Pool Party

You had a few too many while out one night, and you told all your friends they should totally come over for a Memorial Day pool party. Only problem is, you don't have a pool. DON'T PANIC! This week's Toolkit will give you everything you need to throw a pool-less pool party. More »

This Gigantic Sea Snake Transforms Waves Into Electricity

Like a gigantic, sea-faring Shake Weight, the Pelamis system uses the power of the ocean to generate electricity. But, unlike the dubious exercise equipment, this device actually produced results when it was installed in the Aguçadoura Wave Farm. More »

Space Archeologists Discover a Thousand Egyptian Tombs Hidden in Tanis

Dr Sarah Parcak thinks that "excavating a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist" but that Indiana Jones is "old school". Well, she must know. After all, she has discovered two pyramids and 1000 tombs. From space. More »

Behold, the World's Worst PowerPoint Slide

It often seems like every PowerPoint slide is the worst, but here lies what projector company InFocus deems history's most heinous. I'm inclined to agree. It's almost brilliant in its horror. Diabolical. The arrows. The colors. This is Satan's face. More »

Trucker's Ass Blown Up Like Balloon In Horrendous Air Hose Accident

It's a hard life, being a trucker-weeks without seeing your family; roadside diners; roadside naps; accidents that end up with your bum being pierced by the nose of a compressed air hose, and your body pumped with air... More »

They're Just Like Us, Honest: Apple Store Employees Caught Planking

Apple's got quite the reputation as being a tough employer, so once they catch wind of employees planking on the job, will they follow Woolworths in giving them the sack? I mean, that's a precious MacBook Pro he's planking on! More »

Nooka Wants to Strap an Oversized Watch Onto Your Wall and Call It a Clock

Nooka's got grand ideas of creating clocks to adorn your wall, to match your watch. They need some help getting the cash together to make them a reality though, so have turned to Kickstarter-like Ckie for raising the funds. More »

This Is Why Women Walk Away When Men Smile at Them

Pro tip for the single men out there: if you want to get a date with the girl next door, don't smile at her. Raise your arms in the air like you just hit a game-winning home run instead. More »

This Is UPS's Next Generation Truck. And It's Plastic.

See that iconic UPS truck above? It looks like your standard cargo truck, but it's actually made of plastic. It's also fuel efficient and recyclable. More »