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Roomba 770: It Might Be Time to Sell Your Vacuum, Grandpa

Vacuums are old. Roombas are old. So who cares about a Roomba? When the latter can finally kick the former to the tech trash pile, we care. The dream of having a robot (effectively!) be my personal maid is alive. More »

The Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight Over the Next Generation of Batteries

Patent Trolls have been around nearly as long as patent infringement itself. Bottled Lightning by Seth Fletcher takes a look at one scientific-disagreement-turned-nasty fight over the batteries that power our cordless tools and someday, potentially, our cars. More »

A Water Purification Plant for an Entire Town. In a Box.

The tornado that deleted Joplin, MO left thousands homeless and without access to basic necessities like potable water. The PureSafe First Response Water System is a full water purification plant on wheels that could provide water for the entire town. More »

What Are the Mysterious Markings Found In the Great Pyramid's Hidden Chamber of Secrets?

A robot has taken photos of a hidden secret chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, which was supposedly built by the fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu. It's been the first time anyone accessed the secret chamber in 4500 years. More »

Is This Boy Magnetic? No, Just a Cute Fat Kid with Sticky Skin

Ivan Stoiljkovic, a 6-year-old boy from Croatia, might be the next Magneto. He can stick frying pans, spoons, forks, irons, dumbbells, coins and anything metallic onto his chubby stomach. Great power to have, right? Yup! Too bad he's not magnetic. More »

What Five Days of Deadly Tornadoes Looked Like From Space

It's hard to believe that this beauty can cause so much grief and damage, but from space even the deadliest of natural disasters always looks strangely soothing and mesmerizing. Those explosions of clouds seem to come from Earth herself. More »

When Will Websites Stop Ripping Each Other Off?

We've used plenty of The Oatmeal's funny comics in the past, here on Giz. But that's always been with artist Matthew Inman's permission, full attribution, and a link back to the site. Some websites aren't so generous. More »

Air India Pilots Caught Flying With Newspaper-Covered Windows

Air India may have a bad reputation for poor customer service and delayed flights, but what were its pilots thinking when they blocked the sun by covering the cockpit windows with newspaper? More »

200 Megapixel Hasselblad Camera Costs $45,000

Hasselblad one-upped itself againt with the H4D-200MS camera, a 200 megapixel monster that hit the market with a whopping $45,000 price tag. More »