BBC News: Catching up with the iOS app, the Beeb has just released an Android app for breaking news across any of the categories that could possibly attempt you. You can personalise the homescreen to your interests, too. As is par for the course with these apps, the ability to share a story via email, SMS or social networks has been included also, and if your phone is running Android 2.2 or higher, BBC News can also be live-streamed using Flash. Free

GhostTown: GhostTown is a music aggregating app that's definitely worth a peek-assuming it doesn't violate some part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that the RIAA would inevitably use to destroy it. A lot of the appeal is in its simplicity. Just search for the artist, song, or album, and GhostTown sifts through the interwebs looking for a match. When it finds one, it plays it.

Hound: Hound is a voice recognition app that's essentially a really, really good music-specific search engine. You speak an artist's name or song title into the app and it'll pop out all the stuff you want to know. The voice recognition part of Hound is great-it's the future!-but the results page of Hound is what will keep it on your phone. Like SoundHound, Hound will spit out a ton of information for you. If you're searching for a song you'll get lyrics, YouTube clips, an iTunes link, a Pandora station link, ringtones, similar artists and sharing options. If you're looking for an artist you'll be loaded with their bio, concert dates, a full discography and more. Free

Google Maps 5.5: Google Maps for Android just received a slight update that includes adding ‘check in' and review buttons to Place pages, an option to edit addresses for Latitude, and redesigned transit station pages. The new transit station pages are especially nice as it's easier to plan your route.

Swiftkey X Beta: It's a fantastic keyboard replacement app. SwiftKey can scan SMS messages, Twitter timelines, Facebook statuses and Gmail to learn your writing style. And it can personalize your experience by letting you choose your own typing style. SwiftKey's always been pretty great and this new "next generation fluency inference engine" might be its best version yet. Free.

Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier: Amazon's Android app store always offers an app for free each day. It just sets up a notification that will send you over to the Amazon app store and let you download the free app.

Thumb Keyboard: It's a keyboard replacement for Honeycomb tablets and it's pretty clever: it pushes the keyboard to the corners of the screen so they're more easily reachable with your thumbs. Turns typing on your laptop into more of a smartphone typing experience than a faux-laptop experience.