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Anti-Nazi Code-Cracking Machine Rebuilt, Even With the Original Diagrams Being Used For Toilet Paper

Despite there being no original parts left of the Tunny machine post-WWII, a crack-team of British computer boffins were able to rebuild the code-cracking machine, which played a huge part in intercepting Hitler's commands. More »

This Mathematical Formula Cancels Out All Sound

There's a baby crying next to you, and it's extremely annoying. You hate it. It's a cute baby, but come on, you're trying to sleep on the train. Luckily, math (and tech that uses it) can wipe the baby out. More »

If You're Buried Alive, This Camera Is Your Only Hope

The next time you're trapped under a pile of rubble that used to be a building, wedged into a spider hole, don't expect your local USAR team to pop their head in to find you. Instead, they'll send in this. More »

How to Share Photos of Your Adorable Child or Pet Without Annoying Your Friends

That picture of your baby/dog/child on the couch is almost as cute as the one of her on a chair! Which is almost as cute as the one of her sleeping! Which is almost as cute as… OK STOP. More »

Did You Know Microsoft Makes Five Times More Money From Android than From Windows Phone?

According to Citi analyst Walter Pritchard's lastest big report on Microsoft, the Redmond company makes five times more income from Android than from Windows Phone. You may pick up your jaws now. More »

Man Has to Knock Down Wall to Get Plane Out of His House

So you want to build an airplane in your basement. Sure, that's reasonable enough. It's a commendable and ambitious hobby! But maybe-and I'm just spitballin' here-you should check to make sure you have room to drive it out. More »

Apple Will Send Your Tracks to the Cloud For Streaming, Come June?

The rumor regarding a cloud-based streaming service from Apple just refuses to die, with BusinessWeek claiming that Apple could be previewing the service in June at WWDC, after they've signed deals with three of the four big music labels. More »

Is That a Sewing Machine or Bicycle Making Those Bicycle Caps?

In this slightly hipster-ish tale of a sewing machine and bike falling in love and making sweet harmonious love in the shape of bicycle caps, a shop window was turned into a mini-sweatshop for cap creation. More »

The LAPD's Teched Out Cruiser

The LAPD's got a new ride, the Chevrolet Caprice PPV. The car has a 355 hp and 384 foot-pounds of torque engine. But this isn't just some Ford Crown Vic LEE with a fancy new body kit; this cruiser is packed with cutting-edge technology. More »