Taking the idea of the Motorola Atrix and running with it, Asus' PadFone is both smartphone and tablet—when docked, photos can be snapped on the phone's camera and used by the Android tablet.

According to whispers, this PadFone combo could well be one of the first devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, the upcoming Android version which will be used across all sorts of devices, and aims to put a stop to fragmentation.

As Ice Cream Sandwich isn't out until the fourth quarter of this year, we're guessing Asus will either wait until then, or dare to launch it earlier with Gingerbread. Tell us what you'd prefer—Asus to take its time and get it right, or launch early before other companies steal its thunder?


Only some of the specs have been confirmed by Asus so far. The phone has a 4.3-inch display and locks into the 10.1-inch tablet for charging and cross-computing, with the phone able to hook the tablet up to its 3G connection. The tablet's screen resolution is 1280 x 800, reportedly. No pricing has been announced for the PadFone as yet, though it's believed to be launching later this year. [SlashGear and DesignBoom]