Last Landing | After 122 million miles of service, Space Shuttle Endeavor has set down for the final time.

Digging a Submarine Out of the Frozen Sea Looks Tough

The researchers at the frosty Applied Physics Lab Ice Station (COOL JOB NAME ALERT) already have it hard enough. Freezing temperatures, peeing into wooden boxes, guarding against bears, and the like. Also taxing? Chainsawing submarines out of the frozen crust. More »

How to Survive the Modern Day Breakup

Breaking up sucks. It's painful, complicated, and makes you listen to sad MP3s. And technology-Facebook, texting, email-only makes things more complicated. So how do you navigate 21st-century heartbreak? We talked to some experts to find out. More »

Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Nook Review: This Is the E-Reader You Want

Barnes and Noble's Simple Touch Nook is not a reinvention of the e-reader in any way. It's not even an evolution. It's a refinement, and a very good one at that. More »

The Mojave Desert Solar Farm With More Mirrors Than a Lady Gaga Funhouse of Horrors

As nuclear power continues to fall out of favor, California is making big investments in alternative energy sources to meet rising demand. One of its most ambitious projects will use the Mojave sun to power over a quarter million homes. More »

Are You Ready for a Super Hi-Vision 33 Megapixel Camera?

You know, that ridiculous 85-inch Sharp Super Hi-Vision TV with 33,177,600 pixels needs some sort of ridiculous content to fill itself out. Thankfully, Sharp made this ridiculous 33-megapixel Super Hi-Vision camera to be the perfect companion to the TV. More »

Why This Keyboard Forms a Skyline

Keyboard island, ho! Although what looks at first like random keystroke skyscrapers is actually much more purposeful; each button visualizes how often you use it. We are an E-crazed people, indeed. More »

Can You Solve the Hardest Puzzle Ever?

Esquire makes a pretty serious claim about their new iPad app: they say it's the hardest puzzle ever. In fact, they believe it so much, they just called it The Hardest Puzzle Ever. More »

Motorola Slips Up and Reveals a Dick Tracy Watchphone, Xoom 2 Tablet and Four Phones

Know how to dig yourself an even deeper hole, after your website inadvertently leaks upcoming products? Ask the site that blogs about them first to remove the screenshots. Not before other sites grabbed them too, though... More »

How to Print Keys to Any Lock

Apple software engineer Nirav Patel wanted to create something useful with his 3D printer, so he designed a system that generates any key from any lock from any manufacturer using just the lock code. Lol, what? More »