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Why Wouldn't You Want Arcade Buttons on Your Light Switch?

Every time you turn on a light, you'll be reminded of those countless hours spent mashing buttons and dropping quarters into your favorite arcade cabinet. Maybe it was Street Fighter II, or possibly NBA Jam. Either way, it's good. More »

The TSA Screener You'll Actually Enjoy (Maybe)

We all know the drill with airport security: Pockets empty, laptop out, shoes and dignity off. Degrading, but anything for safety, right? Next-gen Explosive Trace Detectors promise that we'll at least get to keep our shoes on. More »

What We Know About Lion and Why It May Be the Last Mac OS X

Next week Apple will unveil the next major version of Mac OS X, which may be the last version of their desktop operating system as we know it. Here is why. More »

MI6 Hacked Al Qaeda Website, Swapping Bomb Recipes With Cupcake Recipes

Just imagine the look of surprise on an al Qaeda member's face when they thought they were loading a tutorial on how to "make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom" but actually got...a recipe for mojito cupcakes. More »

Why You Should Care About The Main Street Fairness Act

Just looking at its name, you would never guess that The Main Street Fairness Act has to do with online commerce, but it does. Not only will it increase the cost of online shopping, it may change the way companies like Amazon do business. More »

Computer Glitch Leads to Beer Stampede at Tesco

Shopping at Tesco stores in Scotland became a nightmare when a stampede of people flooded stores looking for cheap beer. More »

These Communist Apartments Started Out Half as Large

Originally built as a 5-story bloc by the ruling Communist party, this complex has undergone certain, shall we say, "renovations" over the years. And by "renovations" I mean wholesale reconstruction. More »

Visualizing the Most Dangerous Blocks In Your City

Go-to real estate hub Trulia has expanded its offerings to include heat maps of the parts of town you try to avoid after dark. It's remarkable how much better-or worse-it can make you feel about where you live. More »

Cover your iPhone 4 in Pressed Titanium

Snow Peak has crafted a beautiful cover for the iPhone 4 made of pressed titanium. The cover slides on the back and is designed to protect the glassy exterior from scratches, dents and dings. More »