SI Big Ticket: It's an app that collects photographs from professional photags at sporting events. It's updated in near real-time which means you get an incredibly unique perspective of the biggest sporting events of the year. $1

Connection Checker: A simple but incredibly useful app that disconnects you from terrible Wi-Fi and 3G signals. Basically, if you have a crappy Wi-Fi connection it'll flip you over to 3G and turn off Wi-Fi. If you have a bad 3G connection, it'll put you on Airplane Mode until it gets better.

Lyric Legend: A rhythm based game where a song places and you have to tap the orbs with the corresponding lyrics. Sounds easy! Not really, even songs I know is hard (but fun) to keep up with as you never really imagine the songs to be broken up word by word. Definitely one of the funner rhythm games. Free

Read It Later Free: It's an Instapaper type app where you can save an article you don't have time to read for reading later on your Android phone. There's a free version out now and it includes your synced list of articles, wireless downloads for offline viewing and other reading features. If you read a lot of articles on the Internet, Read It Later is a must have. Free

Bank of America: I bank with Bank of America and their app for Android used to be downright terrible. They just updated their app and it finally looks pretty good. The features are the same: ATM locators, bill pay, transfers and more but the entire app has been revamped so I won't rip my eyes out.

Office Jerk: A dead simple game where you throw objects at your co-worker and try to hit him in the head. The entire gist of the game is to hit him as many times in a row as you can. It's fun. Imagining the character as a co-worker you hate makes it even more fun.

Curvy: A puzzle game where you play on a board littered with shapes and lines on top of hexagons. The goal of the game is to shift the hexagons so that each shape and line connect and correspond with the next. It's complicated but brain numbingly fun.

Big Time Gangsta': It's a game like Mafia Wars where you virtually build up your 'stats'. It's a mission-based strategy game where you try to build up a crew to take over a city. You participate in live shootouts to take over areas to earn money. The mo' money, the mo' area you own. And of course, mo' problems.