E3 is happening now: That means games. The Nintendo Wii U is crazy! And good! Microsoft revamped the Xbox with new Live TV, Bing (Bing!) and more. Sony? The NGP became the PlayStation Vita. And there's a PlayStation TeeVee.

Nintendo Wii U Hands On: An Entirely Different Way to See Things

It looks like the product of a fevered fanboy wetdream. A 6.2-inch touchscreen, surrounded by dual analog sticks and oodles of buttons. Like the portable hardcore gamers wish Nintendo made. But it's the most incredible controller ever. More »

Nintendo Wii U FAQ

Nintendo's next console, the Wii U, has got us excited. It combines the best parts of the Wii with the graphical power of the other consoles and throws in the most insanest, ridiculously awesome controller we've ever played for good measure. But I'm sure you guys have questions. Here's what we know about the Wii U so far. More »

Lets Go Hands-On and Take a Closer Look at the Wii U

Here are a bunch more photos of Nintendo's new platform taken from every angle. (If you're more interested in the tech specs, you should check those out here.) More »

Seven Different Ways to Play the Wii U

Combining the Wii U's innovative new controller, the console itself, the stylus, and Wii remote and nunchuk controlers, here are seven different ways you'll be playing with the Wii U come 2012. More »

Zelda Games on Wii U Could Look This Stunning

This is only a test. A test to show off what kind of HD graphics the Wii U can produce. It is also a test to show off how lovely the game can look even if you're playing it just on your controller. I'd love to show you the HD version of this video, but, for now, enjoy this. More »

The Next PSP Is Officially the PlayStation Vita (Update: Hands On!)

You already knew most of the details about the next PSP. But now we know its name: The PlayStation Vita. 'Cause it means life, or something. More »

The PlayStation TV: A 3DTV That Shows Different Images to Two Players (Update: Hands On!)

Whoa! A PlayStation TV. It's a $500 24-inch 3D TV that Sony's promising delivers "best in class" entertainment for way more people than are able to currently afford 3D. It looks like a giant PSP, sorta. More »

These are the New Xbox Live Television Features

Let's face it: the television remote is so yesterday. As anticipated, Xbox Live's Marc Whitten has taken the stage at Microsoft's keynote address to describe and promote some of the features we can expect from the company's new Xbox Live TV functionality. More »

Introducing Microsoft's Kinect Fun Labs

Microsoft has shown us Kinect Fun Labs, describing it as "the place to check out the best innovations for Kinect." The Fun Labs are set to be a permanent addition to the Xbox Dashboard, and you'll be able to check out various indie and user generated additions to the Kinect library. More »

Cloud Storage For Game Saves, ‘Beacons' Coming to Xbox Live

Xbox Live will allow gamers to save their game saves to the cloud, so they can download them and resume playing their games on other online-connected Xboxes, Microsoft announced today. More »

Microsoft's New Official 360 Steering Wheel Cuts the Cord

There's been a wired Xbox 360 steering wheel for years now. I should know, there's one in my closet gathering dust. There's now a wireless Xbox 360 steering wheel. Think Mario Kart's plastic wheel, only a lot more expensive. More »

There's a Gears Of War Xbox 360 Console, and it's Bloody as Hell

As you'd probably expect from a console painted in the livery of the Gears of War franchise, this limited edition Xbox 360 is not subtle. More »

The PS Vita from a Variety of Angles

It's no longer the NGP. Call Sony's PSP successor PS Vita. Sony released a variety of publicity photos that show the upcoming portable from a variety of angles. More »

Does the New Xbox 360 Dashboard Look Familiar to You?

This fall the Xbox 360 gets a sexy new dashboard update, giving the service a look and feel that should be incredibly familiar to both Windows Phone 7 owners and folks that have gotten a peek at Windows 8. More »

PlayStation Suite Makes Lots of Android Phones PlayStation Phones

Sony's starting a new program called PlayStation Suite for non-PlayStation devices—basically, "certified" Android phones and tablets will get PlayStation content. Details are slim, but basically it potentially means better games for baller Android phones. More »

Here's Mad Catz's Official Xbox 360 Wireless Headphones

Mad Catz's official Xbox 360 headsets has one thing nobody else has: They're totally wireless. There are three models, but the two you care about are the Warhead and Devastator. The former's Dolby 7.1, the latter's stereo. More »

Power A's Tiny Controllers for Tiny Hands

Mike got to use Power A's slightly shrinkified controllers back in January-the PS3 and Xbox models are fine, but it's the 20 percent smaller, totally rubberized Wii remote that's a surprise dynamo. And it lasts longer than before, with AA batteries replacing last year's AAA.More »

The PS3 and the Xbox 360 Have Tablet Controllers, Too

uDraw is THQ's...drawing platform. This past May, an HD version was mentioned, and at this year's E3, it's been shown off for the PS3 and the Xbox 360.More »