We all have cute childhood photos. But would they still be so adorable today? Five of our grown-up Gizmodo readers remade their childhood and family photos for this week's Shooting Challenge. And yes, you're more adorable than ever.

Winner - The Difference Is a Nose Ring

This was a recreation of a picture of my fiance when she was younger. This was shot in our apartment with the same feel as the original photo. Similar color walls, natural light, a couch and a lamp shade in the background. I shot it on my tripod mounted Canon XSi with ISO 100, 1/8, f/4.0. This will make a perfect fathers day gift (the original photographer).
- Seth Porter


When I read about this challenge, I immediately thought about my inspiration photo. When I called my sister and told her about the challenge, she indicated that she thought of the same photo. My parents have had this photo up in their house since 1985. I have always called it the "Hmph" photo since my sister and I look so uninterested in the photo. My uncle shot the original in 1985 at our old house in Huntington Beach, CA. Now we didn't go to quite the same extreme as the "Modern Family" episode and sneak back into our old house, but we did try to match our clothing to the original - down to the jelly bracelets, barrette black socks and hiked up shorts.

This challenge was difficult for me in that I was part of the shot. Many people offered to take the photo but I felt that I needed to hit the button since this is my entry into the challenge. In the end, I am a little disappointed in the look of the photo as it has too hard to get a similar background.
Anyways, I hope you all like it. Canon EOS REBEL T1i on tripod, Lens EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, 1/400, f.3,5, ISO 250
- Matthew Johnson


The inspiration for this challenge was a photo of my wife when she was a kid doing what every 5 year does, pretending to be an alien (and abducting a baby I presume). We both just really loved the pic because the outfit is just so random, but she looked so serious! So my wife (the model in the pic) and I tried to replicated the picture by using anything we had lying around the house; pillow around the head (a must), blanket cape, scarf belt, holding a baby doll (in this case a dancing monkey). Then just took some shots randomly around the apartment, and this one we liked the best! It was a lot of fun recreating this picture, and was very interesting to recreate a photo of my wife when she was a kid and then when she is all grown up! We used a panasonic Lumix G2 with a 14-42 lens with the "my color" retro setting, then just played with the brightness, contrast, and color a bit.
- Jeffrey Groom

12 Years Later

When trying to recreate a past photo, it helps to have the participants willing to help, but that is part of the fun of teenagers.


The photo I choose to try to recreate is one taken of my sons after we brought the youngest home. He is with is older brother (older by almost 5 years). The recreation is the two, now 12 and almost 17. Canon EOS REBEL T2i, Exposure 0.2 sec (1/5), f/4.5, ISO 1600
- John Hays


I looked through my old pictures and many of them were kinda hard to replicate. Either no clothing that matched or wrong settings since i now live in USA and the pics were from PR. But i did find a pic of myself and told my oldest son to pose and replicate. I am not good at editing pictures, so i did what i could.
- Felix Garcia


Not a lot of participation this week, so apparently most of you prefer your time spent behind the lens than in front of it. All the same, thanks to our participants for sharing a little piece of their history. Full size photos are on flickr, if you like nosing around other people's personal memories. (And who doesn't?)

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