Postagram: It's a service that prints and ships your Facebook photos or pictures from your photo library as postcards. It only costs $1 to print and ship picture anywhere to the world. A pretty clever way to deliver that print touch in a digital world. Free

Prox: A genuinely clever app, Prox can control your Android phone without ever touching the touchscreen. The way it works is that the accelerometer determines how you hold the phone (left, right, toward, away) and can associate an action for the grip. You trigger that action by waving your hand over the proximity sensor. So you can load apps, change ringer mode, open notifications, turn off the screen, etc with a simple wave of the hand. It could prove useful in cold weather situations or if you want to pretend you have wizard powers.

Faces: A silly app that combs through your address book's contacts and lets you play basic memory games with your contact's faces. The idea is that by playing a game that matches up faces to names, you won't be stumped about who they are in real life. Strangely though, it doesn't support Facebook.

BBC News: It's like the UK version that released a little bit ago, but for the rest of the world. Which is great because you can still catch up on the latest breaking news, personalize the homescreen to your interests, share a story via email, SMS or social networks has been included also, and watch the news too. Free.

IM+: IM+, one of the better IM apps on Android, just got a sizable update: you can search your contact list, send photos and sound files, and add multiple accounts for Facebook. The UI is much improved and rocks a three tab interface that's very attractive and makes it a helluva lot easier to juggle conversations and buddy lists. Free

Zinio: Zinio, the digital newsstand, can now be found on Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets. If you're familiar with Zinio, you'll know that they offer up a gazillion (20,000 by their count) magazines for you to buy in their one app. If you download Zinio before June 15th though, you'll get 24 of the latest issues of top magazines for free. That's Cosmo, ESPN, Men's Fitness, US Weekly and more.

The Daily Habit: It's an Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet app for the show 'The Daily Habit' on FuseTV. You can see interviews, music performances and comedy vids from each broadcast and offers a soundboard as well. Free.