Vuzix has been playing around with augmented reality for awhile now, and the Star 1200 AR glasses are their most realized implementation of the technology yet, thanks to see-through display technology, a 1080p camera and stereoscopic 3D capabilities.

The Star 1200s have six motion tracking sensors, adjustable earphones and a 16:9 display resolution of 852x480 (which is equivalent to viewing a 60-inch screen from 10 feet away). This is a big step up from previous consumer AR tech, which kept your eyes limited to a pair of video screens capturing the real world action. The technology can be used to broadcast computer-generated objects and real-time alerts which are triggered by AR markers, or, ostenisibly, by the computer or smartphone that the Star 1200s are connected to.


But the Star 1200s will also cost $5000 when they ship later this summer. And at a time when AR technology is more novel than essential, these may remain strictly in the realm of the maker crowd and out of reach from the average tech enthusiast. [Vuzix via Extravaganzi]