Cleaners vs Chemicals | How do home brew cleaning concoctions stack up against name brand chemicals?

Scientists Equip Living Cells With Frickin' Laser Beams

We joke now about laser sharks and laser cats, but what if they were a reality? After reading about scientists who engineered laser-emitting biological cells, I'm fully prepared to welcome a weaponized pet into my family. More »

These Machines Eat Forests

At the turn of the 20th century, the logging industry relied on armies of lumberjacks swinging axes and band saws to fell a forest. These days, we just send in Harvesters. A Harvester is a multi-function forestry machine used to fell, de-limb, and stack trees for transport to processing. More »

Crazily Brilliant Libyan Rebels Weld Tank Turret to Truck (And It Works!)

The Libyan rebels are the world's heavily-modified-fuck-you-jury-rigged champions. Although the improvised missile pickup didn't quite pan out, this tank turret welded to the roof of a truck sure does. More »

Ranking the Tech Nerds Who Own Sports Teams

You might have wondered why so much attention was lavished on one doughy white guy after the Mavericks won the NBA title last night. That was Mark Cuban, technology billionaire, and possibly the best owner in professional sports. More »

The FBI Just Gave Itself Permission to Follow You and Go through Your Trash

The easiest way to change the rules that apply to you is to just rewrite them yourself. So the FBI's done exactly that, the NYT reports, self-releasing a new edition of its rulebook. More »

The Sofa Bike Is a Loveseat for the Adventurous

While not quite as ballsy as riding around on a motorized couch for funzies, the sofa bike is cool for taking the idea and running about as far as you could go with it. Designer Jacek Holubowicz basically combined a loveseat with a tandem bicycle for this concept. More »

North Korea Getting Very Close to Nuclear Missile, Says South Korea

According to South Korea's defense minister, North Korea may have created a nuclear warhead small enough to be launched in a missile. This is a first for those nutters, who had previously only detonated two nuclear devices that were too big for rockets. More »

Every Office Should Come Equipped With This Industrial Shredder

The men feeding SSI's shredder had way too much fun making this video. Everything gets gobbled up—even, bizarrely, tampons and sanitary pads. All set to a totally bodacious '80s soundtrack. More »

Former Nasa Architect Now Builds Topsy-Turvey Camping Trailers

After the rigid limitations of helping design the ISS, it must have been a refreshing change of pace for Garrett Finney to work on these Cricket trailers, which are built to order and cost up to $17,000. More »

Bill Gates Opens Up On Anything, Everything In Latest Interview

Teasing in the Bill Gates household doesn't unfold as it does in many homes around the U.S. Case in point, Bill's kids routinely tease the Microsoft co-founder with—what else?—Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars's top 40 hit, Billionaire. "The Billionaire song is what my kids tease me with,"... More »

This Suitcase Is Packed Full of Wireless Regime Change

Using Facebook or Twitter to overthrow an oppressive government is one thing, but to see true effectiveness one should probably deploy the case of goodies seen above. More »