To Infinity and Beyond | This week's shooting challenge offers limitless beauty.

The 8 Most Bizarre, Intriguing, and Otherwise Cool Documents the NSA Just Declassified

It was spring cleaning time at the NSA, who dropped a staggering 50,000 pages of declassified documents into the hands of the National Archives. A lot's on the mundane side-so here are the best looking eight: More »

One of the Most Stupid Kitchen Contraptions I've Ever Come Across

What is wrong with this country? Heck, what's wrong with the so-called "First World"? Do we really need to keep inventing and producing useless pieces of junk like this transvestite of tongs, fork and spatula called "Stake"? I say no. More »

Ron Paul Chooses BlackBerry over iPhone in Pivotal Debate Moment

Last night's New Hampshire GOP debate was a fierce one. Healthcare, war, jobs, pizza—it was all on the line, and not one candidate pulled any punches when it came to the tough questions. More »

The iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

The iOS and iPhone 5 rumors have been coming in at a whirlwind clip lately, and it can be a Sisyphean task trying to keep up with it all. So here's a quick roundup of everything that might have slipped under your radar. The Latest First, the juicy stuff: More »

HELLO DEAR, Where Does Spam Come From?

Typically our electronic exchanges flow from person to person, one real email address to another. But the sad fact is, the vast majority of messages sent don't have anything to do with managing relationships, workloads, or weekend plans. More »

Greatly Expensive New Bowers & Wilkins Speakers Probably Sound Great

B&W's known for a kind of antique-meets-future design approach—think AirPlay Zeppelin. But the new PM1 mini-monitors look squarely from the pre-War past. More »

Watch the Insane Slingshot God Get Medieval

The bald, t-shirted European who brought us the terrifying Crossbow Machete and the whimsical-but-terrifying Gatling Slingshot Crossbow has returned. More »

London's Olympics Basketball Stadium Looks Inflatable But Is Actually Recyclable

Amazingly, another of London's Olympics stadiums has actually been completed on time, with the basketball stadium becoming the fourth to be finished off. More »

Apple Is Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 Handsets From $650

Can you believe that an iRumor has come true, for once — and early? Apple's started selling unlocked iPhone 4 phones in the US, with the 16GB model (in both black and white) costing $650, and the 32GB models coming in at $750. While this is a step forward in the right direction for Apple... More »

New Cable Technology Promises 4.5 Gbps Download, 575 Mbps Upload Speeds

Watch out DSL providers, your fancy, schmancy fiber optic technology is about to be blown away by a cable telecommunications company from Suwanee, Georgia. At the Cable Show 2011 conference in Chicago, ARRIS is demoing a new technology that delivers 4.5 Gbps download and 575 Mbps upload speeds... More »