For seafarin' types only (oh, ok, you landlubbers can use them too), Lomography's new type of film camera comes in four fishy variants, all with 22mm wide-angle lenses.

Based on the Kandor Candid, the four designs include the El Capitán, a red and yellow camera, and Fischers Fritze, a very fishy blue one, both of which come with the "Fritz the Blitz" flash which is Lomography's most powerful flash ever, and lets you choose three distance settings for reaching with your light. Like with the Diana cameras, there are two settings—"bulb" for night-time use, and "normal" for daytime use. Both these models cost $99/£89.


Two cheaper models come in at the $59/£49 mark, the Sea Pride and the Marathon. Identical to the more expensive two models, they lack the flash and have more sedate aesthetics.

As well as taking wide-angle photos, users can also create arty double exposures by flicking the MX switch, and focus by choosing between the two different focal settings, 0.6m - 1m and 1m to infinity. You can use a tripod with them, and as there's a cable release connection, they can be used for long-exposure photos. Check out the handy video over here for a short demo on how to use these cameras, and don't forget to slip, slop and slap that suncream on if you're jumping abroad! [Lomography La Sardina]