What I particularly like about this ad its its minimalist simplicity and lack of any real attempt to enhance what's promised with a decent drawing that looks like it might be more than a pile of toilet rolls and some tissue paper.

…favorite pets, along with rats, cockroaches, termites.

Who on earth would buy their kids this?

In counterfeit money.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Which is a bit strange considering neither Dracula or his castle are real, let alone the soil.

Unlikely to work unless your parents have just dropped acid.

Put it on and nobody can see you. Go to your local toy store and take everything you want without being seen, while wearing a giant plastic helmet and see if you can avoid extended juvenile detention.

In an act of marketing genius or insane deception, depending on the way you look at it, bags of extremely uninteresting dormant plankton were sold as a fabulous alien eco-system. there was even a TV show spinoff, featuring them.

A really really bad idea.

While I was having nightmares about potential nuclear holocaust, it seems that for everyone else it was fun to play with weapons of mass destruction.

Possibly the most iconic comic book ad of all time. The promise: naked women wherever you looked. A dream that has only recently been fulfilled thanks to the TSA and airport security.