Lightbox: Lightbox is a stylish camera app that's good enough to replace the stock camera app. Though it doesn't have basic features like zoom or autofocus, it does give you the ability to add 10 trendy filters after your shot. Your artsy photos can be shared via Twitter and Facebook and is automagically beamed down to your Honeycomb tablets and Lightbox's web interface. Like Instagram and iCloud but for Android. Free

Qriocity Mobile: From Sony, a music buffet for all Android phones. There are two tiers of the service, both of which give you access to a library of over seven million songs from all four major US labels. The four dollar per month Basic package gets you an ad-free Pandora clone, as well as the ability to scan and match your music library (including iTunes) for playback on other Unlimited Music devices. For $10/month, the Premium plan nets you all that as well as the ability to create playlists, listen to any song you want any time you want, and access additional radio channels.

Starbucks: Joining the iPhone app, Starbucks now allows customers to pay for their beverages and calorie-laden baked goods with a QR code-creating app. It only works on Android 2.1+, and in the 6,800 Starbucks, 1,000+ Target and Safeway stores.

LawyerUp: LawyerUp puts you in touch with a pre-screened, bar-approved advocate within 15 minutes. The 24/7 hotline avoids crossing ethics boundaries because the lawyers don't pay LawyerUp to find clients (a practice referred to as using runners). In fact, the lawyers don't pay LawyerUp anything. That's all on you. Legal advice is never free. The service costs you $5/month or, if you're not a member but in a real bind, you can pay $100 for their "pay-in-a-pinch plan." That's not including the $250 you'll owe for your first hour of legal representation..

Y! AppSpot: Yahoo's new AppSpot service lets you search for Android apps using a web browser or a mobile device. The system includes ratings, daily personal picks and a list of related apps to help you discover the perfect app.

Swype 3.0 Beta: Swype, everyone's favorite Android keyboard, has a new 3.0 beta that introduces some new features like predictive tap (that's just as good as Swype's original engine) and for tablets, resizable keyboards, movable keyboards and more. It's still in beta so you may run into some bugs but it's definitely worth a try!

Strava: It's an app for bikers that allows you to track your speed, distance, climb, etc. through GPS. The app sends your data to Strava's site and provides real-time analyzed workouts. It's also social, so you can compete with other cyclists to better your riding skills. Incredibly useful for anyone who bikes regularly.