Captcha'd | Have British police nabbed LulzSec's leader in Essex, England?

2D Glasses: 3D's Reign of Terror Ends Now

There were better movies playing Sunday afternoon. Super 8, X-Men: First Class. Midnight in Paris. But I bustled past all of those. I headed to theater 7, foul den of Green Lantern 3D. Armed with a superpower of my own. More »

I Call This Blackmail

Aol employee Mike Arrington is angry! The TechCrunch founder and co-editor fired off a histrionic screed yesterday directed at Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr and Hunch, with an explicit threat aimed at anyone who doesn't kowtow to him. More »

650-Feet of Wind-Catching Fury

650 feet! That's as tall as 113 average-height American men stacked on top of each other. That's the size of a 54-story building. In other words, that's huge. But why? More »

Giz Explains: Why Do Air Conditioners Weigh So Much?

As you shove an air conditioner into your window to ward off the summer heat, you may wonder why such a small appliance is so incredibly heavy. If you thought it was some conspiracy to break your back and your window sill at the same time, you'd be wrong. More »

Pictures Were Amazingly Recovered from a Camera That's Been in the Ocean for 4 Years

Peter Govaars stumbled across this camera frame (SD card attached) on a California beach. Curious about its whereabouts, he cleaned the card, plugged it in and found over a hundred photos taken in June 2007. More »

Facebook, Why Would You Go and Take Down Roger Ebert's Fan Page? (UPDATED)

Roger Ebert pissed off more than a few people with his comments yesterday about Ryan Dunn's death (allegedly, the Jackass star was drunk driving). Apparently enough people complained (or trolled) that Facebook took Ebert's page down. More »

Nobody Needs a $100,000 Razor

Ukranian sapphire blade that stays sharp for a year. Iridium handle. Magnetic connectors. There are many unnecessary aspects about this razor, but none moreso than the price. More »

The Next Windows Phone: It's Pretty Great

Pleasant. That doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, or a benchmark or like, impressive. But the truth is, most technology isn't pleasant. The new Windows Phone is. More »

Watch Time Pass With An LED-Illuminated Circle of Blocks

No, it won't make time go faster, but telling time with a series of connected LED-illuminated blocks does make counting the minutes a bit more enjoyable. More »

Weird Al's About to Make You Feel All Weird

Since I was a young man, I've looked up to Weird Al Yankovic as a paragon of punny goofs. But today, with the release of his Lady Gaga parody video, I'm forced to see him in a different light. More »

A Kissing Mask Is Like Training Wheels for Make Out Sessions (NSFW)

On one hand, this kissing mask made by artist Didier Faustino forces you to make out at the exact distance, angle and open mouth to minimize slobber and maximize perfect form. More »