All Your Screens Are Belong To Us | Apple's newly-awarded capacitive touchscreen patent could wreak havoc on the smartphone market.

All the Coolest Stuff Coming to the MoMA Design Store

MoMA's brilliance lies in collecting the most amazing ordinary things. Chairs that changed the world. Beautiful teapots. And their Design Store lets you take these specimens home-we checked out the newest acquisitions, and here are the best. More »

The Bamboo Water Bottle's Secret Ingredient Is Way Better than Bamboo

Bamboo bamboo bamboo. I get it. It's written on this damn bottle four times. I know, it's gonna save the world. I'm not against bamboo, but I'd rather focus on a far more important component of this water bottle: air. More »

Pick One of These Smart People-Approved Networked Storage Alternatives

Apple's Time Capsule refresh generated about as much chatter as a networked hard drive can possible drum up-but what if you don't want a router/backup mutant? Here are three non-Apple data-ass-savers we vouch hard for: More »

45 Different Views of the Summer Solstice

In the northern hemisphere, yesterday was the summer solstice - the longest, lightest day of the year. Here are 45 different photos that you took in full-out pagan celebration. More »

This Ramen-Making Machine Can Feed an Entire City

Manna may have come from heaven, but ramen comes from machines. In eight hours, Bullex's Bigger Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line produces nearly a quarter million bags of noodles. Enough to feed the citizens of Springfield, Illinois two (literal) squares a day. More »

One of Sony's New Xperias Has "Wet-Finger Tracking"

Sony has two new smartphones out at the CommunicAsia event in Singapore. The Xperia Ray is your average Android handset. The Xperia Active, a phone designed for sportier types, features a little something for slippery fingertips. More »

Mystery Photographer of the Nazis Found After Online Hunt

A photo album showing never-seen-before photos of Hitler and the Nazis has surfaced with photos dating back to 70 years ago. Its current owner has no clue who the photographer was, but judging by the level of access he was given, he must have been someone. More »

Lytro Is a Focus-Free Camera That Will Change How You Take Pictures Forever

The digital camera market is about to be turn upside by a young Stanford Ph.D named Ren Ng. Ng is the brainchild behind the Lytro camera which lets you take pictures without focusing. The technology is mind-bending. Mind-blowing. Wow. More »

Hands On the Cheap, Media-Mongering Vizio Tablet

Vizio, the champ of inexpensive, pretty damn good TVs, is making the (inevitable) foray into Tabletania. Their snazzily named Vizio Tablet jibes with the rest of their electronic lineup: modestly priced, decently featured, above-average performing. And we felt it up. More »

A Play Place for Kids and Adults Alike

Forget kindergarten. If I had unlimited money and land, this is how I would build my dream house. Open, spacious rooms with a giant slide out back, what more could you want? More »

Controversial Neurofeedback Therapy "Reboots the Brains" of Soldiers with PTSD

PTSD is a common if as-yet misunderstood ailment afflicting soldiers who have seen combat. While numerous treatments exist, a cure remains elusive. Neurofeedback, however, has proven to be especially effective. More »