Invisibility App: The app uses the iPad's rear camera and gyroscope to display the background image on your screen, even when you move the tablet around. It's so seamless that it makes the iPad look almost invisible. $1

Koder: It's a code editor app for the iPad, which is a little like throwing a manual transmission in a Prius. There's probably only a handful of dudes who would want such a thing. No matter though, Koder for iPad has a lot of what you'll need to geek out: syntax highlighting, a snippet manager, tabbed editing, find and replace, keyboard shortcuts, FTP, Dropbox, iDisk and local storage, etc. $6

Wacom Bamboo Paper: It's an iPad app that turns your iPad into a digital notebook (or sketchpad). Ideally, you would use it with Wacom's Bamboo Stylus for the most pen-and-pad-like experience. But even without the stylus, your finger is perfectly suited for writing as Wacom has built a superb app that smartly registers touch-it really does feel like ink is bleeding from your fingers (or stylus). The app gives you one 'notebook' to write or draw in with an option of three page types, three pen widths, six ink colors and a slew of undo options. You can pan around in the app, save a 'page' to your camera roll or even print it out. Free, until June 30

Roadshow: Roadshow is like a 'video locker'. You can browse the video websites you like (CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, The Onion, TED, etc.) through Roadshow and then save videos for viewing later. It downloads the video to your iPad so you can even watch videos offline. It doesn't support YouTube but it's a great way to keep a stash of your favorite videos on the ready. Free

Edition 29: STRUCTURES: A free issue of Edition29's latest mag, STRUCTURES. You learn about the people who created great buildings, the story behind them and what they wanted to accomplish. If you have a passing interest in architecture, it's a fun read. Oh, and there's a ton of pretty pictures too.