Flixlab: It's an app that lets you edit movies using clips on your phone AND clips from your friend's iPhone too. If you're in the same place as one of your Facebook friends, you'll be able to automatically see and use all the clips and pictures they've taken with Flixlab. Editing is easy and more footage means more angles means better story, you know?

Card.io: Like Square, Card.io is a credit card machine for your iPhone. But unlike Square, which requires a dongle, Card.io just takes a picture of the credit card to grab all those digits for payment. It's supposed to be secure and Card.io never saves your info, but it's still a little worrying. In any case, it's a really slick form of payment. The iPhone SDK is available now.

CamBox: CamBox couldn't have a simpler premise: you record friends saying random things with the iPhone's camera, and when you play it back you can beatbox by touching various parts of their face, which triggers different audio recordings. Ca-ca-ca-ca-caaatchy! $1

Discovr: It's an iOS app search tool that recommends apps to download. But unlike other apps that boggle you down with lists, Discovr tries a more interactive method: related app trees. When you search for an app (or click on an app Discovr features), it'll sprout apps related to that particular app as if it were a tree branch. For example, a search for Reeder will suggest Instapaper (and other apps), clicking on Instapaper will suggest Atomic Web Browser which will suggest...you get the point. Discovr will build a gigantic web of recommendations as long as you keep tapping. $1

Grillz: It's an app that mimics your talking with a mouth on the iPhone screen. Sounds stupid? Hardly. This mouth is infinitely cooler than yours because its decked out in gold, platinum and diamond grills. That's right, you hold the iPhone up to your mouth, speak and the app will start moving the lips on the screen, flashing your new grills casually. It's like all the benefits of having grills with none of the pitfalls (cost, hygiene, bacteria). $1

SpyKey: SpyKey is an iOS app that promises to monitor any PC keyboard at all times. Meaning it'll let you spy on what people are typing on their computers in real time. Uhhh....You have to install a server on the person's computer before you start creeping but once you do, the app is supposed to show you everything they're typing. I'm going to say that it's a complete invasion of privacy and only a real genius would let this in the App Store. $5