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This Trimaran Must Really Be a Secret Alien Ship

I love sailboats. I despise yachts. But I can see myself zooming through the Mediterranean on board the 139-foot Adastra, a high speed trimaran that looks like an alien attack vessel. More »

The Gadgetization of Cars Is Kind of Ruining Them

The antique Thunderbird parked outside on my street right now will run, approximately, forever. Unlike my Honda Civic Hybrid, which will be in the scrapheap before my baby daughter hits college. More »

A Space Age Dream Deferred

What you're seeing are the remains of the Aerojet-Dade rocket manufacturing plant, built in 1963, deep in the Everglades. "Space Miami" documents how the people there hoped to put a man on the moon, and how those hopes were dashed. It's amazing to see their efforts, and it's a shame that they went... More »

The AKG K3003s Are Easy on the Eyes, but Nary a Soul Will Buy

It's hard not to appreciate AKG K3003 earbuds, whose casings are milled from single pieces of stainless steel. And there's merit in spending a decent chunk of cash on a quality product. More »

The 1000-Kilometer Wide Telescope That'll Look Back at the Beginning of Time

Until very recently, man has viewed the skies only within the visible spectrum. When LOFAR, the world's largest telescope, looks to the heavens, it sees the depths of the universe in radio. More »

Cowardly Seagull Thief Steals GoPro and Flies Away

GoPro, just admit you're paying animals to steal cameras as part of some adorable viral marketing scheme. First the lion, and now a seagull? How did the seagull get the camera? More »

The Crowd Delivers: DARPA's XC2V Military Vehicle Arrives On Time

When Local Motors won DARPA's XC2V private "crowd-sourced" competition about 14 weeks ago, they secured the right to build a prototype that could eventually serve as a next-gen military vehicle for U.S. More »

NAU's Slick-Looking Take On the Future of the RV

Zero-emissions. Smooth lines right out of Tron: Legacy. Scenic, rendered vistas. Yup, sounds like a design firm's taken a crack at the future of camping. Let's have a peek. More »

"A-Team" Hacker Group Posts Purported Identities and Locations of LulzSec Members

A group calling itself the A-Team has posted what they contend are the names, locations, aliases and even family members of the hacking cabal known as LulzSec. Could this be the real reason the high-profile hacking group disbanded this weekend? More »