71 Photos from Directly Above | The best bird's eye views from this week's Shooting Challenge

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Review: A Great Squeeze

Lists of numbers are hard to remember and boring like a 36 volt drill. So Withings takes dull health-related numbers and transforms them into useful data visualizations. More »

This Air Bag Catches as Many Frenchmen As You Can Throw at It

If Spider-Man: The Musical taught us anything, it's that you can never have too many airbags on hand. For their new Vegas show, Cirque du Soleil is using the largest one of its kind. During the 1977 filming of Hooper, stuntman A.J. More »

Astronauts Evacuate to Soyuz Spacecraft as Junk Nearly Hits International Space Station

Astronauts on board the International Space Station had to rush into two docked Soyuz spaceships as space debris nearly missed their homebase, passing just 250 meters (820 feet) from it. More »

Be One of 12 People to Own These $40,000 Speakers

What goes good with a pair of $1000 earbuds? A pair of $40,000 speakers that only 12 other people will own, of course. Though the Mark Neumann Coliseum XLS speakers look like they were designed by a bunch of middle-aged dads, for a bunch of middle-aged dads, each of these behemoth speakers weighs... More »

This Surreal Lake Full of Frozen Bubbles Is Actually in Planet Earth

It's hard to believe that such an alien sight exists on our Pale Blue Dot. Photographed by Emmanuel Coupe, this photo shows frozen gas bubbles in a Canadian lake. More »

$107,000 Worth of Cocaine Found Hidden Inside Shoe Soles

When airport officials were examining leftover abandoned luggage (not really sure why they do this), they found suspicious looking sneakers that were heavier than normal. More »

Netflix for Theaters: MoviePass Lets You Watch Unlimited Movies in Theaters

How's this sound: A movie subscription that lets you watch unlimited movies in theaters for 50 bucks a month. It's like Netflix but for the real, real life. More »

Decapitated Train Rider Only Wanted a Smoke

I should point out here that smoking on the London Underground is illegal, but a more suitable punishment than decapitation would've been a fine or short jail sentence. More »

Rare Snap of a 19th Century Killer Becomes Fourth Priciest Photo Ever

Of course, it's not just any old 19th century killer, pictured in this ferrotype-it's the one and only Billy the Kid, the wild west outlaw who killed between four and 21 men. Selling for $2.3 million in an auction on the weekend, it became the fourth most expensive photo to ever be sold. More »

From Now On, I'm Only Using Bear Paw Forks to Eat

Sometimes I'm eating something so delicious that my slow fingers and small utensils can't keep up with me. I need more powuh. These Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks will let me maul meat like a bear would. More »

Why Anonymous Isn't LulzSec

LulzSec's dead. They had their streak of chaos, hacker-on-hacker pissing matches, takedowns, limelight, laughs, silly Tweets, monocled mascots and general web frenzy. More »