Grillindependence Day | Come celebrate America's birthday with us!

You Can Cram a Bottle Opener into Almost Anything

It's almost officially summer, brah. That means that, despite the fact that the economy's flagging, unrest consumes the Middle East, and a meteor could very well be headed for Earth, it's time to crack some brews. More »

Eight Great Grilling Gadgets

Spring is here! And that means one thing: The return of backyard parties. To throw a slammin' backyard barbecue, all you really need are great grilled foods, and free-flowing cold drinks. More »

Where to Get The Best Fireworks In America

If you're really into fireworks, maybe you should move you butt to any square state. But whatever you do, don't move to New York, New Jersey, Delaware or Massachusetts. They have a total ban. The awesomerest state is South Carolina. More »

How To Overclock Your Grill

How do you make grilling more awesome? More fire, of course! Whether you're kickin' it coal-school or setting fire to a steady stream of volatile gas, it never hurts (well, sometimes it does) to pump up the volume. More »

Make a Tornado of Fire out of Household Items

Forget fireworks, celebrate this 4th of July with a towering inferno of science. Practical Pyromaniac William Gurstelle explains the physics of the phenomenon and shows us how to build our own. More »

Watch This Bottle Rocket-Mounted Camera Split The Sky

What do you get when you mount a wide angle camera on a bottlerocket? Two minutes and sixteen seconds of sky-splitting American awesomeness. Happy July 4th people. Don't lose your fingers. More »