Holy crap, who let the designers out their cages at Google? The same day they launched the massive Google+ project, Google went around and prettied up all kinds of rough edges. Just take a look.

Google Mobile's Just a Big, Pretty Superwebapp Now

There's new Google design pixels all over the place. Have you checked out Gmail on an iPhone? Google's managed to make all of its 10 bajillion services come together in what feels like one superwebapp. More »

The New Google Calendar Sure Is Purty

It may be too soon to tell quite how you feel about Google+, but let me tell you right now: the new Google Calendar look is love at first sight. More »

Google+ for Android Is Like Having Facebook, iCloud and GroupMe in One App

Google+. It has a legitimate chance to be really good. But like any other budding social network, a good app is a requirement. Google+ for Android looks to combine features I use from other apps into one single portal. More »

Google's New Home Page Pushes You to Plus

Along with launching a new social sharing (don't call it networking!) service and adding authorship view to search results, Google changed the way its iconic front page looked today. More »

This Is Google Changing All of Information Sharing

Google announced a new social sharing project today called Google+. It's among the company's most ambitious ventures to date, up there with Gmail, Android, Chrome and, yes, Search. More »

How to Get Rid of Google's Big Black Bar

If you strolled over to Google at any point today, you may have noticed that a big black bar had annexed some valuable top-of-screen real estate. Some people like it! More »

Google Wants to Know What You Love

Google quietly launched a new search tool that lets you find information about the stuff you desire. The website, called What Do You Love (www.wdyl.com), is a single search page that pulls up information from a variety of Google's online tools including trends, product search, Picassa and more. More »

Google Search Results Now Show Identity of Creators

It's been a busy day for Google. In addition to launching Google+ and Swiffy (a tool that lets you convert Flash video to HTML5) the company also updated Search so that it now shows content creators within the results. More »