Anonymous | The Ten Most Appalling Emails from their Latest Release.

Five Seats to Save Your Penis From Your Bike

Your bike is destroying your penis. Unless you are a woman. In which case it's destroying your vagina. There is a solution. But nobody wants to use it because it's embarrassing. More »

The Many Faces of MySpace, the Internet's Greatest Tragedy

MySpace was just sold like a GameCube on Craigslist, snatched up by a no-name advertising firm (and Justin Timberlake?) for less than a tenth of what NewsCorp bought it for in '05. More »

Google's Looking Real Nice Right Now

Holy crap, who let the designers out their cages at Google? The same day they launched the massive Google+ project, Google went around and prettied up all kinds of rough edges. More »

The Devil Didn't Invent the Fork

A silverware spoiler: People used to hate the fork. When first introduced, it did not go over well. And we're not talking about the kind of eh, I'm-not-going-to-use-that-weird-thing kind of dislike; we're talking straight TOOL OF THE DEVIL abhorrence. More »

You Can't Press Pause in This Call of Duty

Some people think video games and UAVs are desensitizing us to war. Tell that to James Brabazon, frontline journalist for the BBC, and he'll tell you about the horrors he's witnessed during the Liberian rebellion that can't be unseen. More »

The Real-World Bitcoin Business Is (Kind of) Booming

Bitcoin is everyone's favorite made-up digital money, sure. But whadya know? Turns out there are plenty of legitimate brick-and-mortar shops out there that are ready to conduct awkward-yet-satisfying bitcoin transactions with you in the flesh. More »

This Fly-By-Wire Seafloor Drill Rig Works 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Traditional deep sea drilling rigs are bulky, expensive and need a relatively stable platform to operate, so they can't work in rough weather. These next-generation drill systems, however, bypass the problem completely by setting up shop on the seafloor. More »

Do I Really Have to Set Up Yet Another Social Network?

My inbox is blowing up with email notifications from Google+. I launched Gmail this morning and the damn thing looked like it had been duck-raped by notifications about new followers and new comments on Google+. More »

The World Doesn't Need Shocking Collars for Dogs

This week GPS manufacturer Garmin bought a company called Tri-Tronics. They make shocking collars for dogs. You know those things: Push button, electric charge makes your dog suffer, dog does something. More »

HP TouchPad Review: Unbreak My Heart

I am so goddamned tired of the iPad. Which is why I was so excited for the TouchPad. And that's why I feel so completely crushed right now. More »

Johan's Ark Prepares For Its Maiden Voyage

Dutchman Johan Huibers decided to build an ark. Not a Lego or popsicle stick model, but a real-life replica of Noah's Ark built to scale. He began his work in 2008 and recently finished this $1 million project. The wooden ship is immense. More »

Maybe Apple's Thunderbolt Cable Is Worth $50 After All

It doesn't take long, does it? The same day Apple's new Thunderbolt cable hit retail shelves, iFixit took it apart to see what makes it tick. Not surprisingly, the Thunderbolt cable is not your average cable. More »