TapNav: It's a GPS app that cleverly uses Augmented Reality to show you which direction the road is going to go. Once you fire open the app, you'll see what's literally in front of you IRL (it uses a live feed from the camera like other AR apps) and a series of "AR" discs that paint the direction you should be going. So not only do you know which way to turn, you won't get lost as long as you follow the blue disc road. $3

Play Dead: Play Dead is an app that fakes like your iPhone is dead with a loop of the shutdown screen. That way the next time your crappy friend with a crappy friend asks to borrow your iPhone, you just fire up the app, flash the screen and say sorry dude, phone's dead. Free

Tumblr 2.0: The iPhone app used to suck but now it's been graced with a brand new interface that makes it brainless to use (not that everyone who has a Tumblr is brainless!). I'm not kidding, I've created a new tumblr, posted three posts and found people to follow already. Tumblr on the iPhone is finally as natural to use as Twitter is or any well-designed app should be.

WT360: There's enough apps that tell you what the weather is right now or what it will be in the near future but WT360 thinks a little more long term. Of course there are hourly forecasts (95 hours out) and specific daily forecasts (15 days away) but the heart is the fun little weather prediction for what's going to happen 11 months from now. $1

Penguin Classics: It basically acts turns any Penguin fan into a card-carrying Penguin fan, with descriptions of each book; quizzes; a profile for listing all of your read books; plus a neat shake-to-discover function so you can read something the app chooses at random. Free

iViglio Dashboard: Keep tabs on your room and gear remotely. The setup's pretty simple: install the iVigilo $5 app on your iOS device, ditto for your Mac, and then let your computer's camera keep an eye open for you. It'll beam video or timelapse pics over WiFi or 3G, and sports a motion trigger in case anyone tries to make off with the computer itself. Or, an enterprising thief can just close your laptop lid and plunder as he pleases. $5

RadioSoulwax: Otherwise known as 2 Many DJs, the Belgian electronica brothers have released their first app, which has a full day's worth of mixes with battery-sapping mind-warping visuals. You don't have to use up that valuable storage downloading the mixes if you don't want to, as users can also stream the mash-ups, radio-style. Every hour of the mixes promises a completely different theme, based on the record sleeves, and if you happen to go on a 24-hour binge and churn through them this week, you'll be psyched to hear new mixes will be added every week.

TNR-i: The TNR-i from Yamaha might not have the full features of the actual $1200 Tenori-On, nor warrant you as much superstardom geek cred in the music while on stage, but at least you can dabble with making synthesized beats and loops using the 16 x 16 grid of buttons. If three of your friends also download the app, you can even sync up and make sweet musical love together.