Google+: Google+ Can it be good? The app is. The home page of Google+ acts as launcher for the four main features of the app: Circles, Stream, Huddle and Photos. Circles lets you share things within a select group of people. Stream gives you a live timeline of updates from your friends, not unlike what Facebook's news feed does. Huddle is like GroupMe or any group chat service, where you can create groups on the fly and talk amongst yourselves to plan out a night, a vacation, etc. Photos is really great as it has an 'Instant Upload' feature that can automatically send your pictures and videos to the cloud for super easy sharing. Free

Pool Party: Pool Party was designed by Slide, a subsidiary of the big G, and is similar to Instagram in that they're both social photo-sharing apps, but that's where the similarities end. Whereas Instagram is meant primarily for individual expression (as evidenced by its hipster-ish filters), Pool Party is more about, well, the party. The emphasis here is on group sharing, where individual users contribute photos into a group album-a pool if you will. In this respect, it's kind of like Color, except based on friend groups instead of location.

Background Check - Been Verified: Background Check by Been Verified has hit Android for the first time. It lets you run a background check on anyone based on their name or email address, and checks for relatives, property records, criminal history and social media footprint. You get one free report a month. Extras cost $.99 each, or you can buy a 20 pack for $9.99

Skype: Skype's app has been updated for Android to version 2.0, bringing along two-way video chat between Android phones, plus to iPhones, Macs, Windows and TVs. It works over both 3G and Wi-Fi, and is a free download now.

HoneyGram: Specifically made for Android Honeycomb, HoneyGram is a pseudo Instagram-app for Android. It takes advantage of the sweeping screen and gestures to see hipster pictures. All users can take a peak at the popular images on Instagram, images nearby, do tag searches and throw a widget onto your dashboard. When you log in, you'll get to see your friend feed and add even more widgets to the dashboard.

Kona's Crate: A physics based game (previously available on iOS) where you control a jet powered platform and lift crates to their designated spots. It's a race to get it done fast and to avoid obstacles for more high scores! Fun and skillful. $1

Print Center: An app from OfficeMax, it lets you send documents for printing at their stores. You can customize prints, print emails, documents, images and other files stored in your Google Docs. You'll receive alerts once your print order is done too. Could be mildly useful for those with an OfficeMax near their home or work.