Tiny Tower: A free 8-bit style game that lets you channel your inner landlord. You build floors on a tower to attract "bitizens" to live in it and then control their lives (manage, hire, give a job, evict). It's like SimCity but actually fun.

Fotopedia North Korea: Eric Lafforgue, a photograph, went inside the veil of North Korea and took thousands of pictures for Fotopedia to show the world a little glimpse of what the oddest country in the world looks like. He was under tight supervision, so he couldn't dig deep but the app is well worth a look and includes interactive maps, slideshows, wallpapers and favorites to easily navigate, bookmark, organize and share these amazing pictures.

Avadon: It's a super old school, classically deep RPG game with over 40 hours of gameplay. Like any good RPG, the narrative is great, the characters develop and the adventures are pretty much endless. If you're into RPG-style games, it's probably one of the best ones you'll find on the iPad

Fring: Popular vidchat client Fring isn't content with the usual one-on-one routine. If you've got three other friends, you can all talk to each other (or over each other) now, through an app orgy of chattering faces. The new Fring doesn't just put a foursome on your screen, but is free, works over cell data as well as WiFi connections, and will let Fring users on other, non-iPad devices tune in.

RadioSoulwax: Otherwise known as 2 Many DJs, the Belgian electronica brothers have released their first app, which has a full day's worth of mixes with battery-sapping mind-warping visuals. You don't have to use up that valuable storage downloading the mixes if you don't want to, as users can also stream the mash-ups, radio-style. Every hour of the mixes promises a completely different theme, based on the record sleeves, and if you happen to go on a 24-hour binge and churn through them this week, you'll be psyched to hear new mixes will be added every week.

TNR-i: The TNR-i from Yamaha might not have the full features of the actual $1200 Tenori-On, nor warrant you as much superstardom geek cred in the music while on stage, but at least you can dabble with making synthesized beats and loops using the 16 x 16 grid of buttons. If three of your friends also download the app, you can even sync up and make sweet musical love together.