All You Can Eat | Unlimited data plans are living on borrowed time at Verizon.

Rise of the Hacker Journalist

Milly Dowler vanished in 2002. It set off a huge sensation in the UK, similar to the Natalee Holloway case in the United States. Now, reports have surfaced that News of the World hacked into her voicemail. More »

Never-Before-Seen 3D Photos of the Titanic Surface After Expedition

Last summer, a team of scientists set out on an expedition to examine the Titanic wreckage. The photographs were revealed in court last week to be the highest-quality of their kind ever taken. More »

Samsung Galaxy S II: A First Draft of Your Next Android Phone

At this point, Android phones are officially being created faster than human babies. Samsung's Galaxy phones have been the blueprint for the last year, literally. More »

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 SD Card: Screw a Computer, Send Those Photos Straight to Your Mobile Devices

The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 does everything the previous Eye-Fi(s) did-upload photos to your computer and online-over a Wi-Fi network. The Mobile X2 has a new trick: It'll zap photos to and from your Android and iOS devices. More »

Vain Monkey Steals Cam to Take These Adorable Self-Portraits

If you need any further proof that we're related to monkeys, behold: they're just as cunning and self-obsessed as we are! British photog David Slater was snapping some Indonesian macaques, when they nabbed his camera. And one started photographing itself. More »

Double Team This Speaker Dock with Your iPad AND iPhone

This JVC speaker dock has a spot for both your iPad and iPhone. Not like that's incredibly necessary BUT now your iPad won't feel left out when your iPhone is plugged in. More »

Is Apple So Far Ahead Because They Use Tech From the Future?

An anonymous Quora post posited a solid theory as to why the iPhone and the iPad seem to so handily beat out the competition every year. It's because Apple can get their guts literally years before anyone can even respond. More »

The Magnet So Powerful It Explodes Copper Wires

The average American refrigerator generates a magnetic field of one-half Tesla. The world-record breaking magnet developed by the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Dresden generates nearly 200 times that much, a whopping 91.4 Tesla. More »

The Mystery of the Phantom Pyramid That Never Existed

There's nothing triangular about the Mount Teide volcano. From its base, it's the third largest volcano in the world but is pretty flat on top. So why does its shadow look like a perfect ghost pyramid rising over the horizon? More »

New York Police Ignite 5,000 Pounds of Fireworks Into Fiery Ball of Uncontrollable Mayhem

I don't get this. The New York Police Department confiscated 5,000 pounds of fireworks, then put them in a big pile in their Bronx firing range and ignited them into a smoke and fire craze. More »

Woman Sees Mother's Face For First Time In Five Years After Photo Becomes a Hit On Chinese Twitter

When a 71-year-old Chinese shoeshiner spotted an iPad-user walking past, she begged him to take a photo of her face, and somehow send it to her daughter, who she hadn't seen for five years after moving to a different city. More »