Accidental Asshole | An unexpected history of bad online dating behavior.

Facebook + Skype Video Chat = "Something Awesome" (Updated: Hands-On)

Facebook started Rollout Season 2011 with its answer to Google+ Hangouts today in the form of Video Calling, an integrated video chat feature built on Skype technology. More »

Monster CleanTouch Pen: Great at Cleaning, Still Weak with Fingerprints

I never used those spray screen cleaners because you need a cleaning cloth for them to work. I would always lose those! The Monster CleanTouch Pen combines the screen cleaning solution and cleaning cloth in one pen-sized nub. More »

7 Tools to Help Your #AntiSec Hacking Antics Remain Anonymous

Lulzsec has vanished into the ether. Anonymous is lost in Orlando City. And, I don't know what you're doing on the internet. Don't wanna know. But if someone were to step up in their place and expose corruption or shoddy corporate IT security, they should prepare for the oh-so-dramatic moment when... More »

The Soviet Ship That Cuts Through Ice Like a Nuclear-Powered Knife Through Butter

What the Soviets lacked in ability for effective governance, they made up for in ballsy engineering prowess. Really, who else would think to pack two nuclear reactors into a ship and set it loose in the Arctic breaking ice? The North Koreans? Psshhh, not likely. More »

Americans Set New World Record For Hugest Burger For America

Juicy's LLC set the record for most ginormous burger ever made on Saturday at the Alameda County Fair in California. Weighing in at 777 pounds, it whooped Canada's former record of 590 pounds. More »

How—and Why—to Use, Your New Favorite Music Time Vortex is good, because it's a fun way to listen to music online with your friends. is bad, because it'll suck your already strained attention span down a black hole. More »

iLuv's ArtStation Pro Makes Your iPad Look Sorta Like an iMac G4

This speaker dock by iLuv has the added bonus of turning your iPad into a mid-aughts desktop computer. You place the iPad above the speaker, and the arm allows it to swivel between landscape and portrait modes. It will even comes with a bluetooth keyboard and remote when it's released. More »

Rejoice! Spotify US Invites Are Officially Here

Spotify is coming to the US! This time, it's for real! They've even put up a (trumpet-blaring) page letting Yanks request an invite to the streaming music service. More »

That Chubby Guy Won That British Modeling Contest by a Giant Landslide

Remember Roland, the unlikely contestant for a £2,000 shopping spree, photo shoot, and modeling agency intro? Well, he won. By a lot—he was almost 66,000 votes ahead of his second place competition. More »