Instacolor: Far from being lukewarm, Instacolor takes the best bits of Instagram and combines them with the location-specific guidelines of the unpopular Color, helping you find other photo-sharers in your proximity, in real time. Out now, it costs $1.

Capture: The quickest video camera you'll find on iOS. Once you launch the app, it starts recording instantly, like seriously instantly-so there's no valuable seconds of horseplay missed. So technically, it's just a home screen button that automatically records (through an invisible app). It costs $1, and is out now. $1

Boost Your Beauty: You can take a picture of yourself with an iPhone app and give yourself virtual tummy tucks, facelifts and any surgery imaginable. But you'll end up looking like a Real Housewife and real ugly. This is really a thing! The virtual plastic surgery is disgusting. You're brushing folds and shaving excess with your inexact finger so there's no way that you'll look anything other than alien. Any way I flipped it, I looked like a psycho. There are tutorials, information and galleries about real cosmetic surgery though and that could be useful. Maybe. Free

Learn Russian with Crossword Puzzles: Learn Russian with Crossword Puzzles by Jourist Verlags GmbH eases the mind-numbing tedium of vocabulary memorization by incorporating the words into crossword puzzles - because nothing makes learning foreign words easier than omitting most of their letters and giving you hints. Enter your answers using the standard 33-character mobile Cyrillic keypad. Once you do solve one of the 2000 available words, it's pronounced by native speaker, then revealed to help with the remaining puzzle.

Pixable: An app that finds the best photos shared by your Facebook friends. It works by ranking photos based on likes, comments, tags and other criteria to show you the best, funniest, silliest photos your friends have posted. It's been updated with a new interface that makes photo browsing even easier. Free.

Spirit: Kotaku says it looks like Geometry Wars but is a bit more peaceful and a lot more defensive minded. It might not be as "compulsively playable as that Xbox Live Arcade game, but it's amusing and visually delightful." I love simple graphics and neon colors any time I can get them. $1

Swords & Soldiers: Sword & Soldiers is a RTS game that Mike Fahey from Kotaku calls "a colorful cartoon-styled game that puts the player in the shoes of one of three different historical factions: the Vikings, the Aztecs, and the Imperial Chinese, one of which is still around today. Each faction has their own single player campaign, pitting the player against impossible odds with only their finger standing between the enemy hordes, total annihilation, and the power of the gods themselves." It's brilliant. $2.