Fieldrunners: The endlessly popular tower defense Fieldrunners is finally on Android. There's over 400 levels across 4 battlefields, 7 different weapons to guard your territory with and hours upon hours of fun. I've lost myself in this game when it was on iOS and plan to lose myself for the rest of the weekend now that it's finally on Android.

Google Maps 5.7: The best got better. Google Maps 5.7 brings downloadable maps to Android meaning you can finally use Google Maps offline. It's a lab feature that enables you to download maps for a 10-mile radius. It's so very awesome.

Snaptastic: An excellent photo editing app that's currently in beta, Snaptastic allows you to quickly tweak your pictures anyway you want. There's 15 presets already built in, custom presets you can set yourself and controls for brightness, contrast, temperature, tint, vignetting, etc. Make your pictures look better and share them immediately to all your favorite social networks.

ABC News: ABC News' Android app gives you access to video, top stories, breaking news, pictures and more. What's cool is that if you live in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, etc. you can access local videos from local news stations. More stuff for you!

Foursquare: It's a very minor update but you can mock your foursquare friends who have iPhones because they don't have this future: notifications that go deeper than just check-ins. You'll get alerts for comments, when you're not a mayor anymore, when new friends sign up, etc. Free [via TechCrunch]

Spirit: Kotaku says it looks like Geometry Wars but is a bit more peaceful and a lot more defensive minded. It might not be as "compulsively playable as that Xbox Live Arcade game, but it's amusing and visually delightful." I love simple graphics and neon colors any time I can get them. $2 Buy movie tickets from your phone so you don't have to deal with the hassle of waiting in line and all that nonsense. It works with a ton of theaters and the app even includes trailers and such to keep you up to date. Free