Netflix Acknowledges the Existence of DVDs with New $8 Unlimited Plan

The sooner we all forget physical media ever existed, the better, for Netflix, which is making a killing off its dominance of the movie streaming game. So their new $8 all-you-can-rent DVD plan is a little odd. But welcome!

Previously, the cheapest DVD plan ($5) only allowed you a paltry two discs per month—so for only three bucks extra, you can rent as many as you want (or as many as the Postal Service can manage). This plan doesn't include any streaming, so if you want both DVDs and online action, the $10, one disc at a time unlimited plan is still the best buy. But if you're not interested in watching movies on your laptop/phone/tablet/console/not-a-DVD-player, this might honk your fancy. [Netflix via GigaOm]


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