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Olympus PEN EP-3: Micro Four-Thirds Is Starting to Get Good. Real Good.

Micro Four-Thirds cameras have long promised to bridge the quality of DSLRs with the size of point and shoots. The Olympus PEN EP-3 is the fullest realization of the Micro Four-Thirds dream so far, even if it's not quiiiiiiite perfect. More »

Is WebOS Hosed?

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, the guy who resurrected Palm, is leaving HP's Palm unit (no longer called Palm, to boot). Taking over is Stephen DeWitt, HP's U.S. More »

8 Tools to Help Recreate Your Home Theater on the Road

Vacation season is kicking into full gear now, and though you may be racking up the ground/air/sea miles, you'll inevitably have some downtime. Why not watch a movie? More »

iOS 5 Is Getting Closer: Here's What's New in Beta 3

Apple has seeded iOS 5 beta 3 to its devs. The third iOS 5 beta should mean that a final release is nearing: iOS 3 saw five betas before going final, and iOS 4 had four. More »

This Angry Bird Cake Is Monstrous Beyond All Reason

This cake is Angry Birds taken too far. It's like, what compels someone to want to make a photo-realistic interpretation of bird-on-pig violence anyway? More »

Anonymous Leaks 90,000 Military Email Accounts in Latest #AntiSec Attack

Booz Allen Hamilton is a massive American consulting firm that does a substantial amount of work for the Pentagon. This means they've got a lot of military business on their servers—which Anonymous hacked. More »

Nation's Oldest Planetarium Now Has World's Most Baller Digital Theater

Old and busted: Grainger Sky Theater at Chicago's Adler Planetaruim's 1970s Zeiss relic analog star projector. New hotness: $14 million system making it the world's highest resolution digital theater. More »

The Best Back to School Laptops

To find out your best back-to-school laptop options no matter what your budget, we checked in with Laptop Magazine and Laptopmag.com, who oversee 140+ notebook and netbook reviews every year. Best Under $400 Acer Aspire One 722 Don't call it a netbook. More »

Tajikistan Watched the Lunar Eclipse in All Its Glory

Last month's lunar eclipse was truly a sight to behold. Unfortunately, most people couldn't see it without some help. But if you, like Jean-Luc Dauvergne, happened to be in the Pamir region of Tajikistan, you sat in the world's front-row seat. More »

Yes, the Blue Angels Are Absolutely Fanta-Frikkin-Crazy-Blow-Your-Underpantas-tically Nuts

There can't be many things more exhilarating than flying with a Blue Angel or any other acrobatic aviation team. This awesome image shows why. You can get the 4,914 x 3,399 pixel version for your desktop here. More »

Boston's Big Dig: The Deadly Engineering Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Big Dig, a Boston engineering boondoggle that's national news mostly because you helped us pay for it, is basically a death trap. It's killed people already, and some precariously perched lights were preparing to off a few more. More »